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    is there a honda civic EG6 or toyota trueno ea86 in the game?
    Not sure, but Gran Turismo has about 600 variants of each
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    Audi rs5 / rs7

    The crew totally needs one of the these beauties! Feel free to share or comment so ubisoft will notice

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    I hope they add my car, the Pontiac Solstice.

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    Old european cars!

    I have Volkswagen beetle '67 and Volkswagen golf MK2 '91. I would love to see those cars in The Crew!

    Volkswagen beetle:

    Volkswagen golf MK2:
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    This game takes place in America, right? Where are the true Americans?

    1958 Cadillac Coupe Deville

    1957 Bel Air

    1973 Gran Torino Fastback

    1958 Plymouth Fury (Especially with the auto healing feature this game has.)

    1977 Comaro

    1968 GTO

    1908 Ford model T

    1965 Ford

    1965 Chevrolet

    1980 GMC

    Side note, there should be junkyards where you can buy junk spec cars. They would be like full-stock, but with lower handling, but much high durability.
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    Mitsubishi Evolution 9

    Cool car , I would like to see it in the game
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    Originally Posted by Kirill3b Go to original post
    Cool car , I would like to see it in the game
    Yeah, any evo would be great. The mitsubishi evo makes so much sense in this game, cant understand why its not there? Its a car well known for being tuned up to 900hp for track racing (circuit), seen in street racing culture (street) and famous for its rally racing (dirt / raid). The only other car in the game that is a true dirt car in real life is the focus RS. I think its a little silly that they added so many cars that you can modify in rally or raid cars and yet only seem to have one car that is traditionally a rally car.

    Subaru Impreza would be another great choice!
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    I believe an Evo was found in the game's code?
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    I would love to see a Lancer Evolution (and a WRX STI to go along with it). It would fit in perfectly for on-road competition and off-road competition and would help give the game more Japanese representation. Personally I'm hoping to see the X, but would love to see just about any generation too.
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    What about the 240sx, lexus is300, golf mk2,3 and 4, nissan sentra spec v, acura integra n rsx, dodge neon srt4 (not to big on em but they have potential), bmw 325 n m3 series, ppl may not like em but what about about the honda accord 95 n up, vw corrado, toyota mr2 and ae86 corolla, the Nissan silvia just to name a few lol.
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