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    Title Update 4 - Multiplayer Patch notes

    Hello Assassins,

    A new patch for the game is coming for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It's scheduled to go live on February 4th. You'll find the details below, if you have questions, please ask them in this thread, and I'll try to give you as specific answers as possible.

    Here's the full list of fixes implemented in the new version of the game:


    Console Patchnotes:

    • Fixed the situation where the prey had an empty multi-target screen when joining in progress
    • Fix on the situation where the players had invisible parts on their character.
    • Fixes on the HUD in the Manhunt mode
    • Fixed the situation where the target portrait displayed the pursuer instead of the target
    • Fixed the situation where the emblem overlaped the figurine mode in certain conditions
    • Fix on the aerial kill animation
    • Fix on the Accolades for the host
    • Fix on the "Ground finish" animations
    • Fix on the camera during the character selection
    • Fix on the Animus Hack and Minor Hack FXs
    • Fix on Booby Trap FX on chasebreakers

    • Fixed the situation where the user could not kill or stun while both assassin and target were near a corner
    • Fixed the situation where the 1st sync-kill didn't trigger in certain circumstances
    • Fixed the situation where character freezed for a brief moment before getting killed by an assassin hidden in a haystack
    • Fix on the daily boost
    • Fixed the situation where the timer remained stuck on Assassinate
    • Fixed the situation where the character customization was not saved after a reboot
    • Fixed the situation where some zones could not be captured from an inclined terrain
    • Fixed the situation where the teleport ability triggered a trail which pointed out the direction in which the target had teleported

    • Fix on the intro videos of the Wolfpack
    • We fixed the Wolfpack extra objectives.
    • Fix on the accolades in Wolfpack
    • Fixed inconsistencies on the score gauge in Wolfpack
    • Fixed the situation where the host of a wolfpack session would have been kicked out of the session if players were in a idle state

    • Fixed the situation where double notification sound could be heard when submitting the Uplay account information
    • Fixed the situation where the respawn sound was played after a stun.
    • Fix on the HighWind sound on Plantation
    • Fix on the rain sound FX
    • Fix on the Animus Voice

    • We fixed various issues pushing players into limited mode
    • Fixed issues causing crashes and freezes
    • Fix on the events playlist
    • Various fixes on the death cam
    • Various fixes on the menus
    • Various fixes on the contract system
    • Fix on the freerun
    • Fixes on the customization menu


    PC Patchnotes.

    The PC version has a different schedule: they get smaller updates, more regularly than oher platforms. This is why we're already at Title Update 6 on PC.

    TU6 FIXES (February 4th)
    • We applied a fix for animation glitches
    • Fixed the doubled sound on the uplay login screen
    • Fixed an issue where the pad association was messed after a user signed out while experiencing a connection failure.
    • Fixed title reactivation system
    • Fixed various crash issues
    • Fixed various black screen issues

    TU5 FIXES (already live)
    • Various localization fixes
    • Various Graphic fixes
    • fixed Missing highlight and functionality for half of the area of Esc button when using the mouse when entering P1 Pause Menu without communicator.
    • Fixed the Illustrious Pirates pack content unlocking
    • Fixed The "Read more" button associated with the News feed in the main menu.
    • Fixed Blackbeard's Wrath codes that did not unlock any additional content when entered.
    • Fixed The SEASON_PASS activation.

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    Will this patch reset challenges (again..)? I'm thinking about PC now.
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    The challenge resets are supposed to be over now. I'll notify the PC team to be careful it doesn't happen again.
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    Could you please give us an estimated time schedule for the remainaing PC Patchs ? Because, we, PC players, also need the corrections mentionned above like the limited mode, the ethernet cable, etc....

    Thank you in advance.
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    Got Daily bonus for PC fixed?
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    Hello dear PC users,

    I'll forward all your requests to see with the PC team which issues have been overlooked. However, I cannot give you a schedule for further patches yet.

    Thank you for your patience.
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    From all those fixes, are there any gamechanging fixes or are they all bugfixes not affecting the gameplay? For example, what exactly did you "fix" on the freerun?
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    Loyalty rewards in multi/Kraken Idol relic for PC?

    I know you've probably heard that we have loyalty rewards in single player, just not multi, don't know if the new consoles have loyalty rewards or not though.
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    A Glitchy Animus
    I hope with this patch i will be able to play with my friends without being kicked after every session
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    thanks 4 the new patch its good news but theres an issue for some people including me that the game freezes for a few seconds after the character selection then im the only player in the lobby, i didnt see anything about it in this patch notes and will the game run smoother and better ? because i have a terrible experience with this game even if i changed 2 console by now. lots of crashes. thanks.
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