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    Trainers all of them

    Hia all, hope you guys can use and want a full list of all the trainers in the game, that i have found so far, as far as I know, iam just missing the Dagger GM, but he will be added to the sheet as soon as i find him. Everyone should able to see this good sheet, so have fun in your continudes gameing experience


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    Thank you for that! One question though, regarding Lord Haart training: is there a prerequisite for unlocking his training? He only gossips with me and nothing else.
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    yeah you need to do the quest about him, and i think you have to chose to not to turn him in, if you do tho, I have a suspect that the trainer is Cara(the mother of all main people in HMM6) shes somewhere in the area with the Ylath temple, shes close to that one
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    Great list. Thanks for all the work.

    There is a previous trainers thread that mentions the dagger GM being part of the storyline.

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    Thank you for this. My wife typically is the one who notates everything down, so I suspect she'll be particularly happy you saved her some time and effort.
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    Got it, thanks again!
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    Nice list

    under fire magic master you have :

    Master: Sayid, Karthal Slums

    no idea if this is also correct as I havent been to the crag yet, but there is also a master fire trainer in the dwarven part of sea haven
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    Can anyone give a little bit more specific directions to magical focus grandmaster?
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    thz, missed him somehow, added him to the sheet now
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    when you enter second lvl of the eye(elemental forge) there is a hidden passageway that leads to her on the left side
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