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    It's broken for me too.
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    Hi Guys, we are currently under maintenance which is impacting our online features and services http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php...g-online-servi

    Kind Regards
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    Thanks Ubi-MoshiMoshi. I was thrown because the problem was happening outside the maintenance window. Just logged in and the option to progress is now there again, and the DLC is active.
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    It's happening again

    I bought M & M X Legacy a month ago and have completed Act1 but I am having the same problem that I see in in this thread has happened on several occasions before. I cannot get past act 1 because the dialog line with Lev that sends me to the elemental forge is greyed out. I've been back and forth with Ubisoft support, disabling my firewall, opening modem ports etc. All to no avail. Am I the only one having this problem currently? I'd really like to get back to the game.
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    cant ****i9ng play wajtawgiawtgjawtjioawtgjiawtjioawtgjimawgklfgaswmk gbasemkl;gawemkl;
    im so ****ng mad
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    My issues right now(which might also relate to the DRM connectivity thingie), is that my unlocks(starter relics) are not available when I start a new game. I have double and triple checked, and they are unlocked on Uplay.
    As they are not available, I see no reason to continue playing, as I would probably not be able to proceed to act 2 either(no point in wasting time then).

    Will there be a fix to this at some point? Or at least a response from Ubisoft about what the issue is really about?
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    After close to three months of try this try that with support the problem is fixed and I am at the elemental forge. Solution was to uninstall/reinstall. Don't know why they didn't suggest that a long time ago. Now all I have to do is remember how to play the game.
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