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    Game runs like crap, with stuttering & low FPS. Settings don't matter. High end rig.

    Like the title says, this game runs horribly on my high end rig. When I am out in a field and I turn around my FPS dips about 20 points. When I fight spectres and they are about to unleash their attack animation, my FPS drops to 10. Walking back and forth on certain tiles makes the game stutter like mad. GPU and CPU usage never break 30% and the game uses 2GB of memory upon load and NEVER increases past that point, leading me to believe it's memory bottlenecked. I have a pretty beefy rig and I run most of my games down-sampled, but I can't run this piece of "software" even on native resolution with a stable framerate. Also load times take WAY too long. I can literally quickload my 100 hour Skyrim saved game ten times before MMX quickloads a 1 hour game. POOR OPTIMIZATION. Seriously, you guys not only used resources from HoMM 6, but you also used a pre-built engine (Unity) so I have to ask, what the hell were you guys doing all this time? Game feels like a beta. Oh and inb4 someone says "herp runs great for me must be your PC".

    Here is my Dxdiag: http://pastebin.com/bScA0Bj8

    GTX 680 Classified
    I7 3770K @ 4.4GHZ
    32GB DDR 3 RAM
    Corsair Force GT 480GB
    Windows 8.1 64
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    Same problem here, with a rig that matches yours. Loading times are endless. Framerate was great in the first part of the game, and now that I've reached Seahaven ant its surroundings, it's awful. Seriously, reloading a quicksave is atrocious. Please try to do something. It's killing me, now more than ever since I've entered high-level zones and reload VERY often.
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    The game works just fine if you installed it right and use your gaming graphic card. You might have to change that manually (NDIVIA system requirements ~> change to always use NDIVIA)
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    ... Please don't come in here with the "It's you, it's not the game" posts. How can anyone possibly install this game wrong. I installed it via steam and checked integrity as well. If it was using my integrated card I would have a constant 10 fps and I would definitely know something is wrong. I am not the only one with problems. The game is unoptimized for my configuration and this is unacceptable for a "gold" release on Steam.
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    Yes, that's why 90% of the players have no issues at all. Don't be ignorant and atleast check wether it is using the wrong card. My basic card is useless aswell and yet it was capable of running the game with low textures and ~20 FPS. I am only trying to help, you can either try to fixx your problems or blame the game which works for most players just fine.
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    The problem is the game, period. You are the ignorant one, how could you possibly know anything that I am doing, or what I have done with my computer. You can't. Please be quiet and let someone else with more knowledge of the issue take over, you aren't helping. Think for a second, why would I have 30% GPU usage on my GTX 680 if the game was using my onboard video. Use your brain if you have one.
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    Sure, well have a nice day then. I hope it won't run for you. And I'm pretty sure nobody will want to help you with that attitude. Goodbye.

    ps. How come it works for everyone else :-P
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    I have the same problem, runs poorly. Aadas you're clueless and pretty useless. I hate people that answer like you do, have a nice day.
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    Got the Same Problem. First Part of the Game was fine, and now at Seahaven and the Forest its getting worse. And don't start with some Nvidea BS, i have a Radeon HD 7990 that can run all recent AAA Games without Problems.
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    Yeah its not our rigs, its the game. It needs severe optimizations.
    If it doesn't get resolved, I'll have to request a refund. It's unplayable now.
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