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    Game won't let me release Jackdaw Wheel because of a non-existent storm.

    The ship is lightly bobbing, and it's not even raining.

    Yet this has occurred more times than I care to count, and is incredibly annoying. I can use Travel Speed, but can't release the wheel at random. Yes, I know you can't release the wheel in storms and high waves, and I'm in neither.

    Anyone else encounter this and/or know how it can be fixed?
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    I had that happen just once my first play through while braving the south waters from east to west. A storm hit, then the water spouts disappeared, and the skies cleared. I did a pretty good job of sneaking into Cumberland Bay after taking lots of damage, but the game wouldn't let me dock. I sailed further west and was finally able to dock at Grand Cayman I think it was.
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