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    Cannot adjust screen resolution. Black screen.

    The download went fine(from Steam), but I cannot get past the dark screen. I have the latest windows media player(12) and I don't have the k-lite codec but yet cannot get past the dark screen.

    I went into documents, found the config and adjusted for screen resolution there, but it didn't change one single thing. Is the config files in a different location now with the full version?

    My early access version went fine, although I had to replay it several times every time it was patched,lol. (labor of love). Can someone please help me so I too can enjoy the full game?
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    N/M. I found a fix. I went back into documents/Might and Magic 10 Legacy/option32 and scrolled down and changed resolution under 'graphics". It works now except before it starts with ubisoft logo, it gives the black screen briefly. Np. I can play now.
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