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    Endgame needs a break

    Having played through twice now, I think the endgame sequence that starts with going off to save Crag Hack's granddaughter is definitely too long. There needs to be a break, probably after killing Markus Wolf, to let the party leave Karthal and get training for the skills they improved killing Markus' minions, and refill the hireling slot left vacant by Crag Hack. That aside, this game is awesome! The original Might and Magic was what got me into computer gaming to begin with
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    I felt the same way.
    I also thought after you killed Markus that you could escape Karthal via the sewers in order to Grandmaster some skills to get new rations and another hireling.

    On my first playthrough i had 8 rations left and my 10% Experience guy(i didn't want to lose him so i did not finish his quest on my first playthrough). It was really really hard until i arrived at the last merchant before going to ker-thal. That Merchant was badly needed but still i wanted to get rosalie and wanted to train my skills.

    I was afraid of the respawn bug so i avoided the soul beacon spell, but would this have worked?
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    The long endgame sequence seems to be the number one complaint (besides bugs) in other forums as well.
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