Ever wondered why certain parties just don't see sword drops... almost at all?

That's simple. There's a bug in the ItemProbabilities.csv file.

The file contains several strings of numbers corresponding to the weights/chances of various weapons to drop depending on the classes in your party. For instance, take Spear:


Now, note the comment at the top of the file to see how the classes correspond to those numbers:

Mercenary,Crusader,Freemage,Bladedancer,Ranger,Dru id,Defender,Scout,Runepriest,Barbarian,Hunter,Sham an

Now, let's see what levels of the spear skill are available for those classes (N = Not available):


As you can see, the numbers in ItemProbabilities fully correspond to the 'mastery' of the weapon available for each class. 1 = Not available, 2 = Expert, 3 = Master, 4 = Grandmaster.

Now, here's where the fun starts. Have a look at these particular strings:


I'll go ahead and say that Mace is okay, but I'm including it anyway because those 4 lines go in order. However, look at Axe, Sword and Dagger. Let's start with the Dagger's first 4 numbers, 3,4,1,4. Those do not correspond to the skill levels of Dagger for Merc, Crusader, Mage and BD; however, these are the exact same numbers that should've been listed for 'Sword'! Sword's current numbers, 3,1,1,1, correspond to the correct Axe numbers; and finally, Axe's current numbers, 3,1,2,4, correspond to the correct Dagger numbers. In short, those 3 lines of numbers are correct, but they are listed for wrong weapons. The correct way (I'm including Mace again) would be:


So this is why a party with Freemage, Runepriest, Bladedancer and Hunter/Barbarian never sees any swords in drops. Because all 4 classes had '1' listed for Swords! With this edit (in case you don't know, the file is located at "%Your_MMX_Folder_Here%\Might and Magic X Legacy_Data\StreamingAssets\StaticData"), the drop chances for Axes, Swords and Daggers should become correct.

I hope Ubisoft still cares about this game at least on a level that would allow them to make a quick patch fixing this issue.