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    Base Set 2

    Hello everyone,

    We all know that the next expansion coming is the base set 2 in which older cards will be harder to obtain.
    My question is: Will cards from all sets (including FW and 5T) become harder to be obtained (i.e rarity increased)?
    And if this is the case, it'll be very difficult for new players to obtain good cards without using Wildcards, in a way making the game pay to win.
    In my case, I still don't have many rares and epics from VR, HoTV, FW and 5T and if they become harder to obtain, I guess I'll never get them. Changing the base set cards rarity wont be an issue for me but it'll surely make new players harder to build good decks. And this concern is not only my own, obviously there are other players who'll face the same trouble and might end up leaving the game. Already the fan base is on a decline and I hope this wont be the situation, post base set 2. I've loved this game from day 1 and want it to succeed, so this is no rage thread, just a worrying mind concerned about my future in the game and the future of the game as a whole.
    I guess the devs will reveal the details about old cards' rarity in base set 2, pardon me if I'm asking too early.

    Please let me know if anyone has answers and anyone having similar views can share it here. Thank you.
    Have a great day.
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    Thing is, you won't need those cards, that will become harder to obtain, out of few legacy tournaments. In other words, Swisses/Jackpots will run on BS2 cards only.
    (It's been explained in detail in about half million threads already :s)
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    Oh well, I didnt know that.
    So let me get this straight, this means I dont need to complete my collection to be competitive, by only buying Base set 2 packs I'll be able to build competitive decks. If this is the case then its fine I guess.
    Thanx Uraxor!!!
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    Seriously, cards will be divided into usable in tournaments and not usable? Why even play this game then...
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    I play cos i like it.. don't know if anybody else is playing cos maybe they have to or get paid to or will get shot if they don't play it.. my simple reasons for doing stuff has mostly been - cos i .. you know... like it.

    cards will be divided into usable in tournaments and usable in other tournaments you american
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    The only cards that will become legacy will be the ones from the current base set? All cards in current expansions sets would remain tournament viable?

    Also, if they are going to retire some cards in the base set 2, what will they replace them with??
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    I don't think it would be wise to make base set 1 legacy. Base set 2 is supposedly getting as many cards from each expansion, but base set 1 had just 4 out of the 6 existing expanions, so they would be giving some factions a huge pool compared with the others.
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    Just one question. Will there be void rising packs available in the shop? If not i am going to rush Phrias achievement.
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    There hasn't been a full explanation on how the Legacy format will be introduced, what cards will be rotated out, or how the rotation will occur. Further, EVERYTHING is subject to change, so even if a developer or CM said this will happen, it can always not happen. Any confirmations are only rumor at best until the patch actually launches. With that being said:

    What we do know (or strongly suspect):
    1. A new format, Legacy, will be introduced at some time at or after the next patch.
      The exact extent of what this will entail, we do not know. We do not know if it will be introduced immediately with the patch (although it has been hinted strongly that it will be), and we do not have a time table on its introduction or what it will effect (all games, just certain tournaments, etc).
    2. The OPTION to have Legacy and Non-Legacy Tournaments is possible.
      We do not know if, or when, this may be implemented. Hints lean toward at or soon after the patch.
    3. Base Set 1 will "Will be harder to obtain".
      We do not know if this means Base Set 1 will still be available for purchase, but at a higher price, of if Base Set 1 packs and boxes will no longer be available for purchase in the shop, and available in another way only, like...
    4. Base Set 1 Cards that are NOT in Base Set 2 will still be obtainable via Wild Cards and the Alter of Wishes (source:
    5. We know that the next patch is going to be a MAJOR one, and may come with substantial UI upgrades/updates.
      We know that a UI update is in the works, and we know that the next patch is currently consuming the team and will be a major update. No developer or CM have stated that the new UI will be in the next patch, but its a good guess that this is what the team is working on getting ready in time for Base Set 2.
    6. Cards from Base Set 1 will be reprinted in Base Set 2.
    7. Base Set 2 will have NEW cards in it as well, not just reprints.
    8. We SUSPECT strongly that cards from Void Rising and/or Herald of the Void will be in Base Set 2, but this is unconfirmed.
    9. We suspect cards from Forgotten Wars and Five Towers could be in Base Set 2, but this is unlikely.

    That is the extent to what we know about Base Set 2, so far.

    What we don't know is:

    1. When will the actual rotation begin?
      Although it has been mentioned that a Legacy format will be introduced at some time, we do not have any specifics on when or how this will take place. This is really the biggest hole in communication right now, but it is likely because the specifics haven't been nailed down yet and they do not want to reveal what will happen until they know for sure.

      My, thoroughly uneducated guess is they will likely phase our Base Set 1 immediately, but allow all cards to continue being played in JP and Swiss, as well as Base Set 2, for 1-3 months. After that, they will completely phase Base Set 1 cards out of normal JP and Swiss Tournaments, and then have 2 days per week (one JP and one Swiss day) where "Legacy" cards will be allowed.
    2. We know that Base Set 2 will replace Base Set 1, but we don't know the exact timing of this.
      We don't know when that replacement will take place or exactly what form it will take. It is possible Base Set 1 will still be available for purchase for a little bit until Legacy format is completely integrated. The exact timing on this is unknown, although its strongly been hinted that Legacy format will be introduced with the patch and Base Set 1 will be removed immediately upon the introduction of Base Set 2.
    3. Will only cards from Base Set 1 be rotated out? The current understanding is that only cards not re-printed in BS2 will be rotated out.
    4. Will cards from Void Rising, Herald of the Void or Forgotten Wars be rotated out? The current understanding is that ONLY Base Set 1 cards not in Base Set 2 will be rotated out, but this could change.
    5. Will Void Rising, Herald of the Void, Forgotten Wars, or Five Towers still be available for purchase/rotated out? The current understanding is that none of these expansions will be effected, except that Base Set 2 MAY contain a few cards from them. With that being said, the current understanding is that these expansions will all still be available separately. This may change though.
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    I have been reading and looking - do we have a date for the next expansion/large patch/release of base set 2?
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