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    Not having the same problems with pixelation, but have had the character Icon 'block' disappear twice by just clicking on it.

    This meant I couldn't drink potions etc.

    Running Windows 8.1.
    AMD 64 bit system,
    Radeon graphis

    Paul H
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    I tried everything, the texture quality won't go higher than this "medium". It says High (or Ultra) but it did not change at all. Any suggestions?
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    I found optionsettings file and it isn't affected by in-game menu settings. At least Graphics. Textures are ugly
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    I have the same problem with the steam version :/ textures are very low and voice of my characters not working too.
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    If your textures are not working + the voices you might have a 32x system. If you have a 64x system something is very wrong
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    are you sure the game doesn't use on-board g cards and use you re main g card
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    I had no problem with the graphics and voice in early access :/

    Windows 7 (x32)
    ATI Radeon HD 7770
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    I'll reply this again:


    I did read on other topic and Volkiria gave solution.

    By Volkiria:

    So when the game first opens up the texture options are set to medium.If you proceeed in game and use the options menu for some reason these settings are not over riding the main options page.
    So to fix the bad graphic just enter the options menu when the game first opens up and scroll down in the graphics menu and push the textures to max and viola."

    And gave this info on first post.
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    still ugly graphic and my characters not talking!
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    Try to clear all the early access fiels in your documents folder. See if it will help.
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