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    Balance Issues

    So I realize it's 1 day, or even hours prior to the release, however balance issues can be updated forever, so I figured I should give my thoughts from what I've seen playing the game.

    First of all, thanks for reading player suggestions and fixing the issues that actually are issues, aka day/night cycle.

    Secondly, thank you for keeping it a turn based/grid based game and ignoring all the people that want to turn this game into another clone of the current market.

    Finally, my thoughts on balance of the game.

    Early game, as in the product that we were able to play has magic highly underpowered compared to might. Casters can't cast enough spells, and most of them are worthless. From seeing the Rune Priest post, it appears that some spells are going to be at least worthwhile at some point (all the protection spells from certain damage types). However, my casters pretty much kept all their spell points to just refresh my earth healing spells so my warriors could continue to fight the battles.

    In addition to being weak compared to the warriors, the mages also left a lot to be desired with thier spell talents. Every point does the same thing in every tree, rather boring. Would have liked to see some diversity between the schools of magic, if not with the individual points, at least at the Expert, Master, GM level unlocks. I could probably come up with suggestions on this, but I'm guessing you've probably had them, I'm just adding my voice to those suggestors.

    Repairing in all games is dumb, it's just a form of money sink that's unnecessary. You can sink money (if you actually NEED to sink money) through other methods that aren't so tedious. Yes, the argument is that it adds an element of realism, which I don't mind adding a level of realism if it's actually realistic. The lottery method for determining when items would break just left me to run around with an extra 2-3 weapons and armors for every slot so that I would have backups whenever a randomized break would occur.

    A much better system would be item value against monster level. So items that are at the current power level of the monsters you are fighting have a change to sustain durability during fights. Items that are below the current monster power take durability hits faster. Items that are more powerful than the current monsters have no fear from such feeble attacks, and the best gear in the game is supierior to all monsters and can never take damage. This damage is not all or nothing, gear is slowly worn down till it becomes unusable. Having a visual yellow/orange/red icons that progess towards black and unusable. Yellow/orange/red levels would be less and less effective. There realistic, and not nearly as tedious since you could still run around with the same gear for a long time, deciding if you want to push it with your yellow/orange gear for a few more fights, or go back and repair now.

    Ranged attacks. So I understand it would be more difficult, but it is very annoying not being able to shoot anything but straight. Would be nice if range 3 would be perfectly ok with 2 forward then 1 to the side..3. Also, it would be nice if we were able to initiate combat at the actual max range of our bowman so that his talent points in bow weren't worthless.

    Medium Armor Vs Heavy Armor. And putting points in two handed weapon at all. So as far as I can tell, if your levels of Med Armor and Heavy Armor go up to the same, i.e. they can both go to Master, there is absolutely no reason to use Medium Armor. There should be a tradeoff that makes them both viable. I saw some people suggesting adding evade chance to Medium armor. That would be a good tradeoff, but anything to make them more on the same playing field would be nice. Warriors in our own real life history made choices about what armor to wear, yes many chose heavier armor in favor of lighter armor, but not everytime, and the more heavily armored warriors didn't always win. The two-handed weapons tree is miserable, the only point in ever putting anything in to it at all is if you want to eventually get the unblockable ability. Seems a waste to put that many bad points into something just to get 1 amazing ability.

    Lastly, Monster AI. The monsters in this game are dumb. Would be nice to eventually add a third difficulty setting with smart monsters with additional abilities. What I mean by this is have mechanics such as healers that sit behind melee and heal them turn after turn. Melee that move to flank you and get bonuses for it. Ranged that spread out from each other so that if you chase one, the other gets free pickings. Cavalry units that move more than once would also be great for flanking. Monsters that run at low health and become ranged. Now again, we have only seen the first part of this game, maybe we'll see all that and more. But it also could be another level of difficulty on to what is already made.

    Overall though, it's a great game. I love how similar it is to the old MM series in some ways, but brings a whole new world and class choices to the table. I'm very much looking forward to the full release.
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    Did you play EA or a different version?

    From the EA perspective I can agree with almost all the stuff you said. But it seems like some stuff already changed. Casts are more mana effective since EA for example. And apparently AI will be improved in the day one patch. Don't think 2handed is too bad though considering the context. Especially as the Barbarian has too many remaining skillpoints anyways. If the max level of 50 can actually be reached he will have Weapon Maxed, 2H Maxed, Warfare Maxed, Medium Armor Maxed, Endurance Maxed, Arcane Discipline Maxed...and still 5 more levels /10 more points to go.
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