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    Abstergo challenges

    Hi there. Anyone knows what is the last abstergo challenge in AC black flag? The list only has 99 I and I have no idea on what it can be. Thx
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    You should be able to scroll through the full list and see what you're missing. The one I had to grind to reach was surviving ten QTE shark attacks, so that might be your issue.
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    Did u complete 100. Cuz the list only has 99 challenges and I done them all the 100th is not on it!!!!!!!!
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    i'll throw a question out there...the 7-Kill Streak. i've posted up before asking if it's bugged, or if i'm doing something or not doing something to get it, ie, some specific approach, weapon(or not) order.


    i'm looking elsewhere at my game statistics, and see that it recognizes that my best Kill-Streak was indeed 7.

    anyway, this is the only achievable thing i'm lacking in the game, not counting the mini-game thing i cant be bothered with. i dont like Checkers and those other silly games just bore da cr@p outta me.
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