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    AC4 TV resolution problem

    Hello all.

    I'm at my wit's end. I am playing AC4 on a PS3 and it's only displaying at 4:3 ratio. I've searched countless forums, used Google, tried changing the display settings on the TV, tried changing the video output on the PS3, tried using different HDMI cables as well as different HDMI ports, but nothing works. When I connect the PS3 to other TVs, the game displays correctly in widescreen. Other games I play on the TV in question display correctly in widescreen. The TV is a Sharp Aquos 46". Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    not sure if i have a solid suggestion or not, but

    4:3 ratio...like the wide screen was squished, and everyone would appear too tall, or like it lopped off 20% from either side, like watching a modern TV show on a small screen?

    anyway...if you havent tried it, dumb your game output res down to 720, and see if that helps. all modern TV's are similar, but differ a little in circuitry, brand to brand, so just because everything should be kool at 1080, some displays look better at 720 for games
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