Hi Fellow FC3 mapmakers,

Maybe you recognise the following situation:

You like to create stuff, so the FC3 editor is something you really love using. Ofc it has flaws but after some messing about you got a map you are getting excited about it. You put lot of time in it .. getting all the details in and after while you are pretty proud. Then it is finished. You start up beta testing sessions and handful of people join. The reaction you get is not what you hoped for. There is lot silence of these players ..don't they like it? ... and after 3 or 4 attempts you give up. Frustrated you map is not played that much, why did it put all these hours in?
What a #*%*&^(*#!

So what to do about this?

Well maybe find some friends in Uplay? But here are a lot of idiots out there. Some don’t speak your language or they only want to curse and act like little kids (probably because they are)

So just give up, go on and buy another game?

Or join a group (clan) where you find people which share your interests. Who can help you with beta testing. Share maps and ideas with other mapmakers. Which have mapcontests you can compete in. Your map will be played more often. Your next map wll be better because of it. You will also experience playing real teamwork in FC3.
That group is TAW. Our website is www.taw.net. We are the biggest group in FC3 atm. We are NOT super hardcore gamers. Our main goal is having FUN playing the game. Helping each other out with mapmaking or other things. On regular basis we organise stuff for the clan. We are also international group and from many different countries (Germany, Holland, Belgium Austria, South Africa, USA, Canada, Poland to name a few).

So don’t be intimidated by this. We are friendly people and you do not have to be great player or be of a certain age. Also your english do not have to be perfect. Some of us are around 16 years, other end 30 or even older. We just share the idea that playing FC3 must be fun, exiting and mapmaking is great part in this. The more the better!
We play twice a week.

Go to www.taw.net and just join us. You will not regret it one second! Guaranteed! [PC only]