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    Okay. I am confused. I have AC, AC2, ACB, ACR, AC3 and AC4 all with either gold / deluxe editions (depending on what was available when the games were released), and even still, I'm a tad puzzled.

    AC4 - Aveline and Freedom Cry DLC. I have both of these when I launch AC4. There are three missions to play as Aveline, and I haven't done the Freedom Cry DLC yet, as I'm working on 100% in AC4 single and multi-player. The Liberation HD that was just released on Steam a few days ago, are those the three missions I already have, or is that something new that I need to buy in order to play? It says on Steam that it's $19.99 with a $1.99 Voodoo bonus pack. So, my question is...

    Is Liberation HD a standalone game, or is it what I already have in my AC4 DLC? Also, is the Freedom Cry ($9.99 on Steam) the DLC that I already have when I launch AC4?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I don't know about Uplay, but Steam is the most confusing thing I've ever encountered. The only reason I bought the games through Steam is because I've used Steam since 2003 when it was released and all of my other games are on it, so it's the most convenient way for me to do it.

    Thanks in advance.
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    AC Liberation HD is a standalone game and has nothing to do with AC4.

    The game was exclusive to PS Vita 2 years ago, now they ported it to other platforms with redefined gameplay, missions, ..... and HD textures.
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    Okay, cool. How about Freedom Cry? Is that the DLC I already have in AC4, or is that a standalone game as well?
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    Freedom Cry is AC IV DLC that's free with Season Pass. It's a pretty lengthy addon where you play as Adewale freeing slaves.
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