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    On a scale of one to annoyed, my jimmies are very rustled.

    Okay guys so I got AC4 for Christmas and blew through the first four sequences almost immediately. Now I'm stuck in Sequence 5, Memory 1: The Forts. I can NOT figure out how to upgrade the Jackdaw to finish this memory. I keep trying and trying but even when I have enough money and materials, it just says "Available in shop" for all of them. I was stuck on it for about three hours about two weeks ago, and have been avoiding single player since because of this and I'm unbelievably frustrated. I have no idea where said shop is or what to do. It's a shame because I have nine full sequences to complete and can't advance. Can someone kindly help me out?

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    Pretty sure you can buy upgrades from the ship's cabin.

    Shops are usually in ports.

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    i had a problem with this when i first played too for that one mission to destroy ships with heavy shot. x.x

    Just go into the captains cabin on the ship, door below the jackdaws wheel then go up to the play ship to the right of the map
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    Thank you guys SO much! You're the best
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