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    5th Multiplayer Event - Uncertain Alliances

    Join the community in a fast-paced event in which every kill will count.

    Dates and Times:
    1/17 - 9:00 GMT
    1/20 - 9:00 GMT

    Objectives and rewards:
    Individual Goal:
    Earn a Focus Bonus (15 times)
    Individual Reward:
    1 Patron Picture for each playable character

    Participation Goal:
    Complete a session in the event playlist
    Participation Reward:
    Achieve the title "The Opportunist"

    Community Reward:
    Unlock exclusive Assassin costumes by reaching the community objective. Find out what the community objectives are by logging in to Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag. Take a look at one of the unlockable costumes:

    Game Session Time: 5 min
    All Kills/Stun: 500
    Focus: 600
    Contested: X0.5
    All other multipliers: X1
    All other bonuses: 0
    Ground finish: 200
    Lure bonus: 200

    Tips and Tricks: A word from the Game Design Team
    In the manhunt mode of "Uncertain Alliances" event Hunters and Preys are on an equal footing. A kill or a stun scores the same amount of points. The frenetic session time of 5 minutes (2 minutes and 30 seconds per round) will force to choose the right time to attack your opponent because each point is important!
    Players who will take their time to approach or mislead their opponent can make the difference with a bigger “Focus” or “Lure” bonuses. When playing as Hunters, try to take the upper hand by earning many “Focus” bonuses using the Knives, Wipe and Booby trap abilities. When you're being hunted, choose the second Ability sets and use the Disruption, Decoy and Disguise abilities to mess up the Hunters strategies and earn many “Lure” bonuses.

    So gather your team and be ready on January 17th to dive into the new Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag multiplayer event!

    PS: For technical reasons we will not be able to run the event on WiiU this weekend. But we'll run a catch up event for this platform on 1/24.
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    This seems much better than the other events ^^
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    Which platforms?
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    Every one exept PC^^
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    Dang good event and I won't be able to participate i it :<
    Missed all events with the costume rewards.
    Gotta say you did the assassin sign in a good spot for the firebrand. I'm a bit relieved that this event has only 1 assassin costume, though I like it more than the rest.
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    The Rebel has no Assassin Outfit, i would really like to know if there's a challenge to get the Warrior outfits or the 60k Outfits (tbh who would wait to get 60k Abstergo Points for one Outfit, and there's no difference between the Standard Outfit and the One for 60k) pls
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    Will a partial focus award:

    a. Zero points
    b. 200 points (one-third of full focus)
    c. 600 points?
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    When playing as Hunters, try to take the upper hand by earning many “Focus” bonuses using the Knives, Wipe and Booby trap abilities.
    it's impossible to make a focus with these abilities
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    Will partial Focus count for the Individual goal or does it have to be full to add up?

    Besides how are Booby trap and Wipe even good to get Focus bonuses?!

    Booby trap just kills your opponents/pursuers if they go through the chase break while running, so no.

    Whenever someone uses Wipe people just run away or go for contested because you know.... this isn't MUTE!

    I'm not even gonna mention the use of Disruption because mine is crafted for full visual effect and people can still kill me when I try to sneak from behind or even run at my exact position while their screens are all messed up!
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    Only problem is, I can guarantee that every single lobby will have nobody going for a focus. It's going to be frustrating.
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