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    So apparantly, to get your badge

    You need to post a new thread?
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    Ah, very good.

    I would like to say I was kind of disappointed to see that they had gone to a tile-based movement system, which hasn't been done since it was possible to do otherwise. I hope future versions change this. However, I am very much looking forward to using the mod tools to create my own castle as in MM7 if not already available, if I can do so. =) Just getting started, let's see how it goes!
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    I'm glad they release mod tools ... Life after death, so to speak ... Once the devs stop support, or just stop active support rather. So to release tool kit, amazing job on their half. =]
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    Huh, I just posted in the main Might and Magic forum, and no badge. Will it only ever be good for this forum?
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