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    Events...good for/against which archetype?

    As we can see, when we look at the 2 terrific Kelthor Guides that are often read by the community,
    it is obvious that the choice of the best Events for a deck is sometimes not that obvious...
    The interesting thing about GiaLoTas Kelthor-Deck is the abstinence of Pao Deathseeker and
    the Usage of 8 completely different Events thhat were mainly used in Control-Decks.
    But both Decks are very effective.
    But to get back to my topic:
    I´d like to start a Thread in which everyone is given the opportunity to share his
    opinion about some Events:
    1) How do they support your deck
    2)How do they disrupt your opponent´s play?
    3)Can they be played in different Archetypes than they´re usually used in?

    And at last a general question:

    What do you think Events should do and why?
    - support your own deck or
    - disrupt your opponents play

    For Example:

    The interesting new card Night of the Rising Moon is used to generate a high amount of Card Quality
    and in some Decks to discard Cosmic Singularity.
    This card provides pretty nice synergies to slow Decks,but is to expensive to use for aggresive Decks,such as
    Crag Hack,Kelthor,Sandy Rush etc.
    The most decks do also have no access to an intensive use of NotrM because they just play a few Spells/Fortunes/Creatures.

    What Event do YOU think could be used in a different way?
    Which Events are underrated/overrated at the moment?
    Which Events do you use in which deck and why?

    I hope you are interested in sharing your opinion and playstyle.Maybe the community can
    get to some insights about certain events.
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    The main thing about events is that crap/junk/useless ones can be used as filler if you don't have all what you need.
    Taxes/Mana storm/Austerity - obvious.
    Celebrations - mill/stall, don't ever use as a filler event.
    Knowledge - control/stall.
    Market of shadows - good filler for aggro decks.
    Rising moon - great for decks that use all of the card types.
    Week of the dead - enrage decks / inferno decks
    Ancestors - fatties decks / decks with no targetables.
    Day of sanctuary - another fattie protection event, however they sometimes override each other. Quite bad for decks that rely on week of the dead as it can be used on opponent's creatures.
    Arbiters - anti OTK / Cassa, usually used by midrange/control.
    Cosmic balance - anti OTK, stronger but can be used against you.
    Time of War - looks like crap, but can be played in Shalan or Crag decks.
    Great hunt - Namtaru rush? Looks crappy otherwise
    Graduation day - crap, maybe works for asalah OTK.
    Nethermancer - graveyard hate.
    Training - agressive weenies Haven or Academy
    Mercs - rush / creature-heavy decks.
    Dancing flames - poor man's mercs or for some weird low-creature aggro decks.
    Emerald song - good for my very own boredom deck, filler otherwise
    Fallen wolf/ weaponsmith - filler
    Day of Fortune - singularity discard / filler
    Tamed spirits - crappy, but may work in control decks with no magic creatures
    Wild spitits - only for agressive decks where 80%+ of creatures are magic
    Conscription day - for Pao-slowpoke decks, or as a filler in most decks.
    Hail Storm - for Incorporeal decks.
    Mana Storm - looks like junk, but can be a filler in spellless decks.
    Wonders - playable for a mill, junk otherwise.
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    Week of the Mercenaries (Mercs/WotM):

    - to state the obvious: this event should be used in aggressive decks, mainly down-rushers because it speeds up the game and allows to kill-off the opponent before reaching the late game
    - it's better in decks that can summon a lot of cheap creatures early (Crag Hack/Ishuma/Sandal) than those that relies on a smaller number of strong units (Kelthor)
    - in many cases this is a symmetric event meaning that your opponent can use it as well. It still helps you more than your oponent if you're facing control/stall/OTK decks.
    - it's important to ask yourself if your deck benefits more from the event than your major competitors in a given meta
    - it's been called Week of the Smurfcenaries because it often doesn't hit. You can help yourself by drawing a card but that's sometimes not enough (look at the table below):

    source: my own calculations

    - cards which influence the next card in your deck either by drawing another card or by placing a specific card on top have a strong synergistic effect with WotM. To be more specific: Peddlers/Soothsayers/Revised Tactics/Campfires/Cosmic Singularities/Realignments and maybe some others give you another chance to hit creature at the top. Shaman Hut (some Crag builds) can place a creature from your hand at the top of your deck . Notice that Cassandra runs a lot of the aforementioned cards. Let's look at the chance of hitting a creature at the top after each iteration:

    source: my own calculations

    using Mercs in Cassandra is not easy and require a lot of planning and sometimes even keeping a Campfire to make sure that you won't waste those 3 resources.

    - free resources is the last aspect i want to talk about. The activation cost is 3 and many times you'd be better off by spending those resources on creatures/spells especially if your deck is rather expensive (Kelthor) and even in the mid-game you still have cards to cast. Some decks run out of cards quite early (Crag Hack/Sandal) and they spend free resources on events. Other decks (Sandal/Cassa) can generate income advantage that allows them to deploy their cards and use expensive events at the same time. This is especially true for Cassandra.

    My opinion (every opinion is subjective) on which decks benefit most from Mercs:
    1. Crag
    2. Ishuma
    3. Cassandra
    4. Kelthor/Sandal

    TBH i don't have much interest in other rushes but i guess Takana can also run Mercs.

    I once said that Mercs is the most overused event in the game. Especially in lower ELO you can find a lot players with Dancing Flames and Mercs giving even more power to the main decks.

    That being said whether Cassa/Sandal should use Week of Training or Mercs is a whole another story but i'm pretty sure about WoT in Sandal.
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    at first to both of you:your activity is awsome

    I considered,that what makes symmetric events broken is the possibility to break their symmetry,
    as events can be used by both players...
    For example Blind Arbiters is just a ok card if you use it in a random deck,
    but for example in Kelthor(4/4/1) or Akane (http://tools.mmdocking.com/decks/show/3551)
    it helps you a lot,as it blocks every OTK deck and it IS instant-win against Asalah-OTK

    What makes this card good?
    The decks in which this card is good,are Creature based Decks,
    which have some strong Removal (Water,Wind,Fire)
    because you just don´t really allow the opponent to deal with al issues
    he has.After Board wipe he simply can´t just kill your Creatures and then play own
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