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    Basic set 2 - price of boosters


    What do you think about price of new basic set? It will be in gold like first basic set, or only seals? If there be a lot of reprints i hope that gold.

    ps. Sorry for my english;p
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    Since the purpose is to help ease in new players, i think they will be gold, while five towers stay at seals
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    Well, a base set is somehow like a "core" of Duel of Champions' new upcoming era. It must be priced with gold.
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    Are we going to get new starter decks from base set 2?
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    Yes, it was said that part of the reason why base set 2 was good for new players was that it would give them updated starter set. Although they may have been referring to the already updated starters?
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    I meant, are the older players going to the get starter decks as well, or they'll have to buy it to play in new format.
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    Old players will aready have the cards for the "new" format
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