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    Save files missing

    Please refer to this thread: http://steamcommunity.com/app/242050...=1389257672#p3 to back my words here. My save files are gone for the second time now. First playthrough was about 25 hours that were erased, another 8 now. The companion app still has my fleet/saves, but when I connect it to the desktop it doesn't recognize it or just won't bring my saves back. This is about the 4th time I've had this issue with Ubisoft games. (Far Cry 3 included). I own all AC games on steam, and on the steam platform I've never had this problem. NEVER in 9 years. I am very disappointed in Ubisoft, and their lack of a fix from support email. This will be the last Ubisoft game I buy. I am just one of THOUSANDS who have had their save files not transfer, downright erased, or lose online connectivity and when it comes back online it will revert/overwrite with hours old saves. If you're not any better than this Ubisoft you don't deserve my money on these games, about 9 now, much less the mistake of buying the digital deluxe edition. I've tried to ride it out, to see if you improved over the year or so, and to my dismay nothing has improved. Please let steam bought games use steam drm, as they do a much better job of saves and updates than you do.

    One dissatisfied and disgusted every Ubisoft digital deluxe edition game buyer no more,
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    You are not alone in thinking this. Only money makes these companies take notice, hope that the Game Magazines run story about this issue soon.
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    Yeah this is really bad. I was about to not buy anymore games from them because of the massive loads of dlc they push on people. But savegame corruption and the sorry excuse for a support they have makes it quite easy for me not to buy anything branded ubisoft. They have to improve in those areas. Or people aren't going to buy they're games. It's as easy as that.
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    If you have Cloud Saves turned on, please disable them. We recommend that players disable this feature by going into the Uplay Settings and unchecking the box for Cloud Saves.

    You can also backup your AC4 Save Games by following this Support Article:
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    Yes, this is a disaster. Because of the enormous amounts of DLC they force on consumers, I was going to stop buying games from them. However, savegame corruption and their pathetic excuse for assistance make it simple for me to avoid buying anything labelled ubisoft. Those are places where they must improve. People will not buy your games if you do not do so. That's all there is to it.
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