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    Questions about Swiss Tournaments

    I have limited experience with Swiss Tourneys, just participated in 5. I came in 2nd in my first 2 tries, got an automatic loss on my 3rd due to the Program crashing on me.

    Now on my 4th try, I lost my 1st Duel, but went on to win the last 2. But I came in 4th. As far as I can tell, I got the same Points, as well as the same Break Points, as the one who came in 3rd. So how does the Program judge this?

    On my 5th, I won the 1st 2 Duels, and narrowly lost the 3rd one, even though I had Board Control. Would have won, but my Opponent was fortunate enough to draw Shadow Image and attacked on the one lane, that I didn't have any Creature on. I thought that I at least get 2nd, since it was the battle of 2 Players that went 2-0, but apparently not. So how does the Program decide, which Player comes 2nd, and which one comes 3rd, etc. 'Cause I know I had the same Points, as the one who came 2nd.

    I know that 1st Place gets the Premium, 2nd gets the ordinary 5T Pack, but apparently 3rd doesn't even get you an Emilio's Pack. 'Cause I sure as hell didn't get one, when I placed 3rd. So how do you get an Emilio Pack?

    Another is how do you Calculate the Break Points and what are the Factors that contribute to it?
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    1) Getting an Emilios is just a chance.

    2) Breakpoints = the amount of points your opponents have.
    So, if you played against the first guy, you will get 15 breakpoints. If you played against someone who got 2., he will give you 11. And so on.
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