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    Maintaining t-elo

    Hi all,

    I've read the other threads on jackpot tournaments but can't find anything that specifically addresses the question of whether t-elo is static once gained or whether it fluctuates with the progression of the tournament and the duels of the other entrants. Example - if I play and get 4 wins straight away and don't want to (or can't) play any more, will my t-elo stay as it is until the tournament ends or will it go up/down with the wins/losses of other duels even after I've stopped playing?

    Any assistance on this would be most appreciated. Cheers!

    Vassa Sunstar
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    Your t-elo will be constant, but your ranking will decrease as others go higher. Your relative position will probably go down if you stop playing. A t-elo of 120 should be enough to get you ~10k gold these days.
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    Thanks for the reply. So since gold rewards are based on t-elo and not rank, there would be no point in continuing to duel once a good t-elo has been achieved? Rank only matters with regard to getting 1st for the achievement and prestige re the standings on the tournament table, right? The reason I ask is because I played my first serious jackpot tournament yesterday without any idea of how the reward system worked and I ended up playing over 50 duels for an eventual tier 5 t-elo and only 5k odd gold. Clearly, considering how much I contributed to the jackpot, I lost out in a big way. But I actually did very well at the start of the tournament and had my t-elo up to around tier 4 or 3 level after only 8 or 9 duels. In retrospect, I would have been far better off stopping then instead of playing on. Oh well, lesson learned.
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    Actually, the rewards are based on rank more than t-elo.


    That article explains it fairly well.
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    Rank determines your tier, NOT your t-elo.

    Tier 1: Ranked in Top 1% of all competitors
    Tier 2: Ranked in Top 2% of all competitors
    Tier 3: Ranked in Top 6% of all competitors
    Tier 4: Ranked in Top 12% of all competitors
    Tier 5: Ranked in Top 30% of all competitors

    One day you could have 90 t-elo and be at the 29% of competitors, earning you Tier 5. The next day you could be at 90 t-elo again, but this time there was an extra 1000 competitors and that bumped you to 31%, earning you nothing.

    Hope this helps.
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    I had already read that article, but I must have misunderstood. So when they say the following, the writer is just pointing out that t-elo can be used as a guide to estimate your likely rewards without having to do the math of calculating what percentile bracket you fall in?

    "If you don’t reach the top 30 %, you don’t get a reward…The top 30 % are reached normally at around 90 t-elo – for tier 1 you need around 280 t-elo in a normal Jackpot Tournament.
    The first place don’t get more than place 30 – but their is a special achievement. That means, it makes sense, to get at least one time the first place."

    It amounts to the same thing though. I played another Jackpot and got to t-elo 170 after 10 duels (8 wins/2 losses) and stopped playing. My t-elo stayed the same and I received 20k odd gold, though my rank did fluctuate a little (not that much though). So t-elo's a good guide for what tier you'll be in (without having to do the math) and it doesn't fluctuate after you stop or decay, so you know that you'll be there abouts come the end of the tournament. Sweet. Thanks for all your replies.
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    In my experience 60 telo is enough for T5 about 75% of the time, can't imagine 90 telo ever not being enough. I'd say the article is slightly off about that one point, but otherwise good.
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