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    game design+

    1) Critical strike must be supported by video and sound, and not look like a normal kick no different.
    When they beat us should blush screen (for example) or potekt blood.
    When we beat the enemy damage figure should differ visually ... You're doing the game .. or what?
    2) Increase the available cell for spells in the minibar ...
    For the magician is very small, and climb forever in your spell book, very uncomfortable!
    3) Difficult level warrior complicated only by the fact that there's little money.
    I finished 1st act on light and then on hard Difficulty ... the only difference is that in the 1st case I was rich, and in the second I bum.
    I think this is unacceptable!
    Increase the power and the number of enemies, but also Increase and award is reasonable and logical .. and more interesting for their works earn rewards!
    4) spiders death left potion that does not appear in the inventory. Correct.
    5) I hope that the portraits of the characters will be 24 instead of 16 .. each race and each class of the portrait!

    And a lot of things yet to be, but at least this note ...
    Russian .. I know bad English, translated by PROMT, I hope you understand what I wrote)))
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    difficulty level - warrior need more gold and dtakie same conditions and cost of repairing items like potions and adventurer-dusilte enemies give them more .. but I personally do not see any reason to sweat and keep other poor-not so interesting for the hard work -must be a corresponding reward!

    In about breaking things is all nonsense, they are glass!
    Or give yourself the opportunity to fix them (new skill or spell, or even remove this feature-hate creepy!)Developers generally visit this forum???
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    animation strikes different weapons can have a different color is 1st.
    Critical strike should splashing blood, and blow animation painted red, for example.
    if successful block labeled "BLOCK" appears shield.
    during evasion camera quickly turned sideways example
    I think it would be very good.
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