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    multiplayer progress all LOST

    so I was in the middle of a game session (deathmatch) and all of a sudden the game reset itself (or should I say crashed) and the next thing I know, I was on the PS4 main menu.
    I logged back on and found all my AC4 data, including single and multiplayer data GONE. completely.
    I know there's an option to reset the challenges but I was in the middle of a session so there's no way I reset the progress myself.
    ok losing the single player data, I kinda understand. but losing the MP data? why? isn't MP data stored on cloud, not the machine?
    I've spent hours and hours into this game and all my progress is gone and it irritates me.
    has this happened to you, and if it has, were you able to recover the data somehow? your response will be appreciated.
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    Yea i just got on my PS4 today and downloaded the update and now my level 52 character is gone and im kinda ticked off the only way i would know how to fix it is to call ubisoft or something like that
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    It's happened to me, I played and all was fine, about an hour later all gone and back to level 1.

    This is bad!
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    Hi everyone,

    Please try and reboot your console. The issue has been fixed, you will get your progress back. Sorry for the inconvenience, we hope you'll enjoy our update.
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