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    Hunting the White Whale/Social Chest/Convois

    Hello. This is a thread for the hunters of the social stuff.

    Anyone who wants to join friends please write down youre Black Flag Nick and search for White Whales, Chests or Convois, once youve found one show it to the others.
    As everyone is adding everyone possible there is a high chance or atleast its easier to find this annoying stuff.
    Have fun. My nick is as this forums.

    Btw i allready have found one Kings Convoi and one social chest, so whoever adds me got them 2
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    L_Alejo is my Uplay, feel free to add me, I'm also constantly roaming around trying to find chests or whales.
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    Just found a White Whale for all the PC Players that were not in the mood to add me. but a friend hasnt got the symbol for it?
    Best option is 2 fast travel from location to location
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    Just added you both. Hopefully we can find these chests together!
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    eudian12's Avatar Junior Member
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    Aug 2011
    Add me too! eudian12
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    Royal Convoy (662,100) 7 hours left as at GMT+11.

    Platform: PC
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    Went there but it was a normal convoy... did I need to to do anything to make it a royal convoy?!?
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    I added you guys. You just have to accept.
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    Received a Royal Convoy and re-shared it. Need friends to receive those social events ppl...
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    Calrid also on multiplayer occasionally feel free to look me up.
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