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    ac4bfsp.exe has stopped working

    I try to play and when i walk across this place i crash.
    anywere nere the animus fragment and the game crashes...

    how can i fix it?

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    yeah, same problem. its a large area and if i try to get there from any direction it stop working
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    even though it's a 24 hr download for me, I'm having the same issue. I'm going to redownload it and let it run the file verification once it does. I'm hopping that it will clear it up for me. I'll be starting the download tonight and I'll post here if it works.
    It freezes on me when I am chasing the guy they take blood from after he escapes during the assassins attack. I've tried deleting the game and going back over it, even tried getting all of the sink 'views' first. Every time I try to enter the same area of Havana, the game freezes up. So there is no way for me to complete the first section.
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    nope, no help. Same bug. So, I went to the local market for pirated software and got a copy of the special edition. am installing it and will be copying several of the files over the Uplay install. I copied the DataPC_Havana.forge file from the pirated install and it works!!!: cool: so, to avoid any of the other bugs, I guess that I'll copy all af the other files for locations over, so that all of the maps will work.....

    It's a shame that I had to spend money on a pirated version to get a Licensed version to work. But, since they don't seem to give a rats ***, I guess we have to do what we need to do to fix the stuff they break. I just hope that all o the stuff they break can be fixed this way.

    Send me a private message with the name of the city/location that's broken, I'll upload the files to a cloud or drop-box folder so everyone can get their game back up and running.
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