with the ebb and flow of AC MP I think the older AC's up to and including Revelations should give you exp for having to wait in que for a game. Reason because initiates give you exp for accomplishments in AC universe. such is your level in brotherhood and revelations, yet there is hardly if any way to decently make your way to level 50. skipping the MP aspect of the AC's when I was origionally doing them this new initiates inspires me to try to level up in MP. tho I can go hours without finding a game. it would be nice to have like after 10 min of searching you get like 100xp per min. or something around that because a game is roughly 10 min long and in such time a decent player can get roughly 2500 points and that's only 250 points a min, and these points at the end turn into exp I think it would be a good number to start at.