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    ACBF what a game! Crashes all the time

    I have been playing games cence pong and the games coming out lately seem to be in beta form and you hope it gets fixed and many don't. This is just another broken game pushed on the market before proper testing. The game is a mess! I hope they fix this But I wont hold my breath. I also feel they tend to take advantage of gamers over the last few years because most of them Are young. Will they should be careful as we are getting older and can bring change and are becoming a force to deal with as I am now 55 years of age as many old gamer's are getting to be. I dont think we will stand for this kind of marketing much longer. Fix this piece of ^&*((*). I have a very fast computer with all the latest drivers and more than enough graphics power to run this game. I have updated the graphics drivers twice in just the last couple of days as Nvidia has attempted to correct the issues but to no avail. This will be the last game from Ubisoft I will buy and I hope they hack you from now on as you have ripped us of several times. Farcry 1 and 2 also had many problems and they never got the multiplay to working well. Thanks Ubisoft!
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    well (checking the date in my name 1958) I'm 55 as well and I can remember my commodore 64 days of ELITE (fantastic space fighting and trading game) impossible mission, boulder dash and sid meiers pirates aharrrr.... they were great (at the time... Elite would probably still be great with some graphic improvement ) and like me you are well aware of the technical, graphical and visual improvements over the years.... TBH although we have grown up with all this (not sure I've grown up) I'm still amazed by just how incredible games are now.... they must need casting like a film and the same with the music and sounds.... Now days I can really appreciate the abundance of global talent that goes into making this and other games.
    I still rate gameplay over graphics... there are lots of games that are visually stunning with little appeal and no desire to replay while there are games as simple (and clever) as lemmings that draw me back again and again.
    All that said.... I've just completed AC4 and never had a problem.... the gameplay is brilliant, the graphics are so good they often distract me from playing, the songs get stuck in my head and I find myself singing them at work... This is the best game I have ever played and incredible value for money.... I'm sorry it's not working for you perfectly right now because it is just so good. I hope it is up and running for you soon because I know, like me, you'll know what makes a game great.
    I just remembered bubble bobble classic.
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