I believe there are 2 type of weapons: melee and projectile. Note, melee weapons will be broken down into heavy and light variants. Light variants will always duel wield while you can only equip one heavy weapon.

Edward can only carry weapons on his chest, back and waist (main melee weapon like swords). This means that certain weapons won't be able to be equipped if their respective slot is already being used. Like if you have the musket equipped (back), you can't have the darts equipped (back), but you could have throwing knives equipped because they are kept on the chest.

Melee (most melee weapons are kept at the waist):

Light Sword - These are the standard swords already in AC4. They attack fast and counter fast, but they can't counter heavy weapons (like a brute's axe) and do moderate damage. Kept on the waist.

Heavy Sword - They are slower (attacking and countering) than the light swords but pack a heavier punch and can counter heavy weapons. Kept on the waist.

Light Axe - Attack and counter even faster than the light swords, but the cool thing is that they maintain the same damage as the light swords. The drawback is that there is a chance that counter will be broken through by enemies with swords, leaving you stunned and open for attack. They can't counter heavy weapons but will always counter knives and hidden blades. Kept on the waist.

Heavy axe - The heavy axe is an exact replica of the heavy sword except that its counter is quicker (in between the light sword and the heavy sword) but takes longer to attack. Kept on the back.

Spear - This is an interesting one. It can be thrown like a harpoon (must be set up prior). Does the most damage of all the melee weapons, but it fails in CQC because it takes the longest of all the weapons to counter. It has a decent attack speed. It is kept in the back.


Pistols - You can have up to 4. Loud but quick and easy to fire. Do moderate damage. Kept on the chest.

Musket - Can only carry one. Even louder but high damaging and has a good range. Like a sniper rifle. Takes a while to reload though. Kept on the back.

Throwing knives - You can only carry 8 and you can only refill them through picking them off enemies who have knives as melee weapons or purchasing them. Silent but even smaller range than the pistols. Kills in one knife. 100% chance to hit. Kept on the chest.

An example of what I could ave equipped:
Light Axes (waist)
Spear (back)
Pistols (Chest)
Hidden Blades (always equipped regardless)

Any more ideas?