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    Best innovation from each game?

    If you could only pick one new feature/innovation from each AC game so far, what would be the best from each title?

    AC1: Since it was the first, everything was pretty innovative, but I would have to go with the parkour/verticality. No other game to date has matched AC's level of freedom when it comes to navigating your environment.
    AC2: Crowd blending.
    ACB: Brotherhood recruits.
    ACR: Bombs.
    AC3: Naval.
    AC: Liberation: Personas/disguises.
    AC4: Seamlessness.
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    Improved naval for AC4.
    Warehouses, convoys, ships, etc: being able to raid what you wish when you wish and how you wish.
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    yup, the freedom to navigate the awesome world however we want is the core and the best feature AC has. there is no open world game comes to mind which excels AC in this department.
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    AC1 was innovative for its parkour and verticality? LOL Someone Didn't play Prince of Persia

    AC1: Not being a 3D platformer, hack and slash, or a shooter in a world full of success chasing developers.
    AC2: Cinematics (IMO Best to date in an AC game)
    ACB: Fort/Restricted Area Captures
    ACR: Combat
    AC3: Fluent Organic World
    AC4: Open World Exploration
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    AC1: Climby stuff.
    AC2: Tombs/Economic system.
    ACB: Recruits/MP.
    ACR: Hookblade/Cinematics. (IMO best to date in an AC game)
    AC3: Animations.
    AC4: Boats.
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    AC1: Assassin's Creed...
    AC2: Improvement of the core mechanics, Economy, Tombs
    ACB: Multiplayer/Apprentices/Side Activities
    ACR: Tools (though a lot of the tools were redundant), Dens (not den defense but the concept of maintaining assassin dens)
    AC3: Natural Environments, Sloped Surfaces (that functions perfectly in combat), Animations, Seasons
    AC4: Seamless World, Side Activities, Naval
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    Surprised people didn mention how in ac2 you can swim
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    Originally Posted by mikeyf1999 Go to original post
    Surprised people didn mention how in ac2 you can swim
    I guess people are finding things more innovative than swimming, however, I agree that was a big improvement.

    AC: Introduced the whole series, something new and fresh that hadn't really been done before.
    AC2: Economy System/Upgrading the Villa - This formed the basis for the economic and upgrading systems of future games like upgrading Rome or upgrading the Jackdaw
    ACB: Chain kill combat which carried into later games
    ACR: Strategic Bombs
    AC3: Tree Running/Frontier Gameplay
    AC4: Naval - I know it was in AC3, but it really took a big leap in AC4 so I'll give it that.
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    AC1 - time period/setting, story, freedom
    AC2 - Economy system
    AC3 - Combat, animations, parkour
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    I'll be taking innovation as a whole and not, "innovative for this game of franchise X"

    AC2 - Will have to go with blending.
    AC:B - Nothing comes to mind.
    AC:R - Same as above.
    AC3 - Same as above again.
    AC4 - Naval&Land integration
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