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    No dual pistols (AC4 on PS4)

    I was playing on a different profile to begin with and after I completed the "meet the governor" quest, I had dual pistols...

    So... realized I was in the wrong profile (I was in my wife's) so logged into my own, started a new game. Did everything the same - but now I have only a single pistol after that quest. Crafted a holster... still only a single pistol. What gives? Is it a glitch?
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    Hmm for i always get the second pistol during the mission where you have to go to Abaco Island to hunt and you get the iguana skins and you craft yourself a second holster then you got to the Jackdaw and Adewale hands you the second pistol. I dont think you can get it earlier than that only after you acquire the Jackdaw i think.
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    Well, in my other profile I clearly have two pistols BEFORE the Abaco Island part... but that's moot also, because I crafted myself the holster and still only have one pistol lol.... might craft a third holster and see what happens!! lol.
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