View Poll Results: ...way of dying online?

Unfortunately I've done them all [img]

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  • Diving into the dirt trying to evade the guy on your 6

    12 17.91%
  • Augering in while looking at someone else on external view

    10 14.93%
  • Blown to bits whilst typing in the chat box

    15 22.39%
  • Getting into a stall and being unable to recover

    13 19.40%
  • Getting killed by the rear gunner of a Storch

    17 25.37%
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    Done them all too.

    Guess augering in while looking at somebody else's plane IS pretty bad.

    And I've done it quite often...

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    getting shot by the rear gunner must be very embarrasing, thank god the Storch is not flyable

    In May 1942, Nazi submarines sank two Mexican tankers, and Mexico declared war against the Axis powers. Thus forming the 201st Mexican Fighter Squadron equipped with the P-47D and sent to fight in the Pacific
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    Augering while typing
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    flying a P-47 D-10 and getting killed by a P-11c
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    Death by typing is always grim.

    No matter what you always feel the need to tell everyone you were typing whilst being bounced (like that's some kind of excuse). Done it far too often.
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    So far out of my two (yup just two) experiences online... I think it's almost colliding with an IL-2 on my side... But that's not dying... Hmm... I actually don't think I have actually died an embarassing death yet. Somebody remind me to if you see me online. I'll try my very best to die in a stupid manner.
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    How about waiting to take off in a good COOP, not realising your throttles at 50% and auguring into the guy in front of you before you could slam on the breaks.

    Then feeling the silent disgust of the other pilots as you apologise profusely- especially the one you just killed!


    The Fights continue out of the Servers...
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