Dear Ubisoft, I posted a thread a while back about the changes that were made to the controls in ACIII, and how they were poorly adapted to mouse and keyboard. I was really expecting this to be improved in ACIV, but it turned out to be exactly the same. I believe with a few simple changes these games would have been much more comfortable and enjoyable for people who play with mouse and keyboard, so I would like to suggest some control options that could be present in the PC version of future AC games.

1) Players should have the option to set free running to work like in the first four games (hold high profile + hold direction = jogging, leap off ledges; hold high profile + hold jump + hold direction = sprinting, jump at ledges). Otherwise there is no way to jog, and moving around cities is a complete mess. This one is the most important issue that needs to be looked at.

2) Players should have the option to turn "combat mode" from automatic to manual (where you press the 'lock target' key to enter combat mode).

3) Combat mode control keys (break defense, counter) should be customized separately.

4) Players should have the option to change the cover system from automatic to manual (when at a cover spot, hit the 'jump' key on low profile to take cover. Press the 'jump' key or direction keys to undo).

5) The 'whistle' key should be an independent key so that there is no conflict with other actions (such as looting) and it can be used anywhere.

This is all I'm asking for. I'm a big fan of the Assassin's Creed games and I'm sure many people would really appreciate these changes that would really improve the PC experience for people who don't like using gamepads. It would be great if the developers took advantage of the mouse and keyboard's benefits. Thank you for reading.