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    Kenway's fleet not linking, sorta.

    Ok not to long ago my PS4 decided to derp on me, right as I was buying the final upgrade for the experto crede, and all my saves were lost. Not a worry, since I don't mind playing through again. But now, after playing up to sequence 4 and "this old cove" I thought I should have reunlocked access to kenway's fleet.

    I still have the game on my phone, from my previous and now lost saves. That's still going with all my stuff, and when I started a new game, it already gave me the 3 maps I'd earn for doing the fleet missions. Now I just want to know why it's not letting me do anything. Because I have alot of reales I'd like to cash in.
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    Update, apparently out of fear of being messed with, my fleet started behaving.
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