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    Sandro's Long-winded Skill Review and Suggestions

    I bid everyone here a reserved greet. It is your long-time… acquaintance, Sandro. I’ve been mulling over the set of recognized skills in Ashan and… I’ve decided to give a piece of my mind into this development. There are quite a bit of asymmetries and eccentricities that came to my attention.

    Not to pretend that back in Colony… I mean, Enroth, we didn’t have our fair share questionable skills and baffling spells. Allas, what was the purpose of Dark Containment? Where did people get the idea to try and punch dragons in Erathia? And what were dragons doing allying with any random passerby in Jadame?

    Anyway, our aim here is to improve if possible, is it not? Some skills are missing, but it is only because they do not have a grand-master example yet.

    And yes I'm aware the chances are slim to negligible these ideas will be noticed and picked over for the game. But that's what they are, ideas. I hope they're good enough to be considered for modding, possibly. Because I'm mean-spirited like that and expect someone else to spend a small fortune on a program to do what I want.

    Warfare: 2 mana per level, Challenge
    Expert: Skull Crack, Unstoppable Assault
    Master: Intercept, Furious Blow
    GM: Taunt, Flawless Assault

    Commentary: The mana is bonus is too low to give any incentive to increase this skill beyond the mastery special maneuvers. However, a between a level here and a level in mysticism it is a no-brainer which one to choose. Expecting a skill to be increased just for the mastery rewards is not all that exciting, each and every point should have equal allure to increasing any other skill.

    Suggestion: +1 global attack with each point, a bit like the old arms master skill. The mana plus the attack should make Warfare alluring enough to be taken in consideration over increasing a weapon skill or mysticism.

    Medium Armor: 1 less attack penalty per level
    Expert: Physical criticals reduced by 10%
    Master: Physical criticals reduced by 10%
    GM: +5 armor

    Commentary: This one is very underwhelming. It is expected that an armor skill should make you better protected, not just less-worse with it. Critical reductions are really, really iffy. If you consider a relatively high 5% critical chance, that means you’re decreasing the overall damage by 0.5%... from a 100% critical damage enemy. Mastery increases this to a whooping 1% overall reduction.
    The GM bonus seems nice enough, but the flat armor bonus is almost as boring as the critical reduction. Not to mention that between choosing to increase the bonus attack with weapons by +1 or increasing the bonus by +2 AND a damage increase, it just makes much more sense to improve the weapon skill.

    Suggestion: My main problem with Medium Armor it is literally “just like heavy armor… but worse”. Sure, heavy armor has a heavier attack penalty, but the skill levels on heavy armor levels this penalty off much faster than light armor.
    Unfortunately, I’m sure that messing with armor values could seriously mess with the balance and that’s the most obvious way to correct this issue. One possibility is to link medium armor with evade. It’d be interesting to coin the medium armor as the magic-proofing path, instead of just leaving it flatly inferior to heavy armor.
    So the basic idea is to change medium armor to give +1 evade with each level while wearing medium armor, on top of the penalty decrease.
    Expert and Master decrease spell critical by 5% and 10%, respectively.
    And finally, GM give +5 resistance to all schools on top of the armor bonus. Maybe give a temporary evade bonus whenever you resist a spell.

    Dodge: 1 evade per level
    Expert: +4 evade
    Master: +4 evade
    GM: One retaliation

    Commentary: First of all, the Evade stat is very obscure in functionality. We know it decreases the chance the character will be hit, but we don’t know how. This commentary comes with the assumption that evades works like an inverse attack bonus, subtracting from the attack bonus of anyone trying to hit the character, based on the amount of evade you get from Destiny and spells.
    Except for the GM bonus, this skill is so boring. And even the GM bonus seems suspect, since evade is so rare compared to blocking and even then the mechanics behind evade are still obscure. The expert and master mastery levels are so bland and overall the skill just seem useless.

    Suggestion: Ditch the current mastery bonuses for expert and master, change the skill to be 2 evade per level, so it is at least on par with weapon skills. Change master to some flat avoid chance against ranged attacks, like 10% chance to avoid being hit by ranged attacks. Give something like a “partial” evade to expert, where either part of the evade value is used as armor or gives a second evade chance that only avoids part of the damage.

    Crossbow: +2 attack, +5% damage per level, 5 range
    Expert: +15% critical chance
    Master: +50% critical damage
    GM: Piercing bolts

    Commentary: No problem with crossbow. Seems like it follows a good theme of one strong shot. First it increases the critical chances and then it increases the critical damage. My main problem is that crossbows seem to have a very low critical damage, so expert doesn’t seem too appealing and I don’t know if the critical damage increase is flat or it increases the base low critical damage. The piercing GM bonus is unique and potentially great, but it seems like it’ll have very little chance of being used and might “agroo” enemies outside aggression range. Unless there’s a decisive spike on the number of concurrent enemies in the final game, this GM bonus will be immediately categorized as “good on paper, bad in practice”. But in principle, this skill seems solid, I’d keep it largely as it is.

    Axe: +2 attack, +5% damage per level
    Expert: +5% critical chance
    Master: +50% critical damage, bleed for 1 turn (damage ?)
    GM: +3% damage per level

    Commentary: Axes seems solid in its focus on critical hits. The actual bleed damage is a bit obscure though.

    Suggestion: Only to make the bleed damage longer-lasting. That’d make it a more interesting effect. Also, switch the bonuses from master and GM so that the bleed is more exclusive.

    Endurance: +5 health per level
    Expert: +5% health
    Master: +10% health
    GM: +15% health

    Commentary: Endurance increases health. Ok, that’s a fair assessment of the skill. That’s all body-building ever did in previous games, so that’s fair.

    Suggestion: Maybe change GM to something like “restore (2-5)% health every hour”. But just giving health seems good enough.

    Dagger: +2 attack, +4% damage per level
    Expert: +1 extra attack with each dagger
    Master: +10% critical chance
    GM: +1 extra attack with each dagger

    Commentary: This one seems like a solid skill, even though sometimes it is a double-edged sword, I like this aspect of it. This also seems like a pretty focused theme of a fast-attacking weapon that gets many strikes a turn, even if each individual strike is considerably weaker than normal. However, it seems to be a bit too strong right now, as my Ranger is consistently the highest non-magic damage in the team as soon as she gets some magic daggers.

    Suggestion: My only concern is that this skill might get imbalanced, depending on how high elemental bonuses get. I’d say elemental damage on daggers should be default to a smaller amount (possibly half).

    Bow: +2 attack, +5% damage per leve, range 5
    Expert: Range 6
    Master: Range 7
    GM: +1 extra attack with bow

    Commentary: The range bonus on the bow is highly questionable. Not only there’s no way to tell how good such an mastery bonus is, since you can’t initiate combat yet anyway, it is plain to see that such a bonus will not come into effect inside dungeons. It just looks like that’s something that’d come into play very, very rarely. The GM bonus is a classic and very attractive. Leave it as it is.

    Suggestions: Keep the range bonus, or not, as I said, it seems like it’d come into play too rarely to make too much of a difference, but add something else at expert and master levels, like extra attack bonus from some source (increase the attack bonus from perception) at master, to classify the bow as a more accurate weapon than the crossbow. And a small damage bonus in expert just so the bow actually does more damage in the hand of an expert archer than it does on the hands of the tank.

    Focus: +0.8% critical chance per level
    Expert: Two-handed focus
    Master: Dual-wield focus
    GM: +30% spell critical damage, 500% focus damage

    Commentary: At first I found it strange that the focus of magic damage was getting large criticals, but now I’ve got accustomed to the idea, even though I still find it unreliable.

    Suggestion: I’ll not mess with the core critical-focused mechanic with magica foci, but I think the GM bonus is too over-the-top. The foci seem to give too insignificant of a contribution in regular battle, leaving a mana-less focus-user almost useless (more-so than previous games), and the only suggestion I’d make is balance it out a bit by taking away a bit of the focus damage bonus from the GM mastery and giving it to other levels of mastery. Perhaps changing it out to +50% focus damage on expert and +150% focus damage on master, leaving a very respectable 300% bonus for the GM level still.

    Heavy Armor: 2 less attack penalty per level.
    Expert: Physical Criticals reduced by 15%.
    Master: Physical Criticals reduced by 15%.
    GM: +10 armor.

    Commentary: One point in Heavy Armor is more or less equivalent to one point in a weapon skill, except it is global, there’s no damage bonus and there’s a cap depending on the armor. Overall I think that’s fair. I still value weapon skill more than armor, but at least I don’t think it is a complete no-brainer like in light-armor. As far as the idea is to reduce incoming damage, the mastery levels seem to do fine, though I still think the critical reduction is questionable for the same reasons I said about light armor.

    Suggestions: Maybe make it to increase health by 1 per skill level whenever equipping heavy armor, just to make it as attractive as weapon skills.

    Two-Handed: +1 attack per level with two-handed.
    Expert: 1 block attempt with two-handed.
    Master: +0.1% critical per destiny.
    GM: Can’t be blocked.

    Commentary: The two-handed skill seems to follow a nice progression. The block makes a whole world of sense and makes it so that a shield is not so sorely missed by a two-handed fighter. The GM bonus in particular seems incredible, considering the frequency with which attacks are blocked by enemies with this capacity.

    Suggestion: My only two problems are the master bonus and the base skill level bonuses. I’d think that brute force is the main focus of wielding a weapon with both hands, not finesse, and as I’ve mentioned before a single bonus to attack per level of skill isn’t very attractive. My suggestions are to give a small bonus to damage on both skill level and the mastery bonus, instead of this critical that comes out of nowhere. +0.5% damage per Might on master and +2% damage with two handed weapons on top of the attack bonus with the skill level seems about right.

    Spear: +2 attack, +5% damage per level
    Expert: Two block attempts against melee.
    Master: Spears ignore 50% armor.
    GM: Damage increased by an additional 3% per level.

    Commentary: As an exclusively two-handed weapon, the bonuses of the spear skill make a whole lot of sense. The melee blocks are great, the armor penetration doesn’t really make sense, but I’ll not try to impose real-life logic into game dynamics.

    Suggestion: My only problem is that the GM bonus on all weapons is just an additional damage increase. I’d change the GM bonus and the master bonus around, to make GM more unique and desirable.

    Mace: +2 attack, +5% damage per level
    Expert: +5% critical chance.
    Master: Criticals stuns targets.
    GM: Damage increased by an additional 3% per level.

    Commentary: What is the effect of stun? This is not clear yet, so I can’t comment on the mastery, but overall seems like a fair skill.

    Suggestion: Switch the master and GM bonuses to make the stun more exclusive to a class specialized in a mace.

    Shield: +1% block chance per level. 1 block attempt.
    Expert: 2 additional blocks.
    Master: Retaliates first successful block.
    GM: Can block ranged attacks for whole party.

    Commentary - Overall, shield also seems to be fine. Not any change I can think to implement here that’d be an improvement or make it more attractive as a skill.

    Mysticism: +5 mana per level.
    Expert: +5% mana.
    Master: +10% mana.
    GM: +15% mana.

    Commentary: Like endurance, Mysticism is the new name of meditation, and does precisely what it says on the tin, and there’s no problem in it.

    Suggestion: Again, maybe change the GM bonus to something sustaining in the form of “replenish (2-5)% mana every hour”.

    Arcane Discipline: +1 resistance to all magic schools per level.
    Expert: Magical criticals reduced by 15%
    Master: Magical criticals reduced by 15%
    GM: Restore 10% mana whenever resists a spell.

    Commentary: Seems like a solid skill. As before, the critical reduction is debatable considering how little it impacts the overall damage received, but considering how massive spell criticals are, this seems fine. The GM in particular seems like a great idea, but unreliable.

    Suggestion: The only problem I have with it is the GM bonus, since it’ll only kick-in with resistible spells, and even then only when they are resisted. Maybe make it so that also 20% of all magic damage resisted is converted into mana as well.

    MAGIC: +5% damage per level
    Expert: +10 resistance penetration
    Master: +15 resistance penetration
    GM: +5% extra damage per level, +25 resistance penetration.

    Comment: Resistance penetration seems like a boring mastery bonus. I’d rather spells to get individual mastery bonuses. It just feels much more involved and interesting, and is a nice incentive for players to get involved with the magic system.

    Suggestion: Reduce the resistance penetration to only 5 at each level of mastery and implement an skill mastery effect to each spell. Click HERE to see the Spell Suggestion thread.
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    Sandro's Even Longer Spell Review and Suggestions

    This post ties with my other post about skills. Click HERE to know what I'm talking about. Also, the same I said there applies here, this is mostly a set of ideas for modding. I have no delusions of this being picked by the devs. But alas, it was a fun exercise for me, so why not? Here are my suggestion to tweak the spell system changing it to modify spells with the spell mastery of the caster to make the system more involved and interesting overall.

    Keep in mind that whenever I state a variable, I'll follow it with either (locked) or (scale). Locked means that the variable doesn't change. If in the description itself, that's just how the spell already is. Scale means the variable is scaleable with spell power and increases as the caster becomes more powerful. Again, if it is in the description itself, that's how the spell already is (as far as I can tell), but any description on higher levels of masteries are my inclusions.


    Arcane Ward: +2 resistance (scale) to all schools for 3 turns (scale).
    Expert: (Improved Warding) +2 resistance (locked) to all schools.
    Master: Improved Warding increased to +5.
    GM: (Arcane Barrier) 3 elemental damage (scale) absorbed from attacks to all party, before applying resistance. (Like Celestial Armor).

    Sundering: -5 armor (scale) to all enemies within 3 tiles until combat is over.
    Expert: (Shield Sunder) Decreases all targets chance to block by 5% (locked).
    Master: Shield Sunder increased to 10% (locked) decreased block chance.
    GM: (Shatter Resistances) Also decrease all the resistances of enemies affected by 10 (locked) for 2 turns (locked).

    Time Stasis: Enemy can’t act for 1 turn (locked?).
    Expert: Mana cost decreased to 20.
    Master: Mana cost decreased to 15.
    GM: Enemy can’t act for 2 turns (if locked).

    Mana Surge: Next spell cast by an enemy will cause 20 prime damage (scale) to the caster.
    Expert: (Devour Mana) If mana surge is triggered, refunds half the cost of Mana Surge to the caster.
    Master: (Mana Suppression) The spell triggering Mana Surge does 10% less damage.
    GM: (Mana Feedback) The spell triggering Mana Surge will cause 10% of it’s damage to its caster.

    Dispel Magic: Dispels all effects from party
    Master: (Controlled Dispel) Leaves the last beneficial effect on the party, but it’s duration is reduced to 1 turn (locked).
    GM: (Lingering Dissipation) Dispels all effects from party and makes the party immune to any special effects for 1 turn (locked).

    Heroic Destiny: +7 Destiny (scale) for 3 turns (scale).
    Master: (Destined Strike) Increase critical damage by 5% (locked).
    GM: Increase Destined Strike to 10% (locked).

    Identify: Identifies one item
    Master: Identifies all itens on party.
    GM: (Hoard) 5% chance (locked) that the item will be of better quality. Doesn’t work on relics or the best quality items.

    Implosion: Does 20 prime damage (scale) to target and other enemies are done damage based on target’s remaining health.
    GM: (Crushing Will) Target also has all its resistances decreased by 20 (locked) for 1 turn (locked).

    Spirit Beacon: Lloyd’s Beacon, can only place one beacon.
    GM: Can place two beacons.

    Hour of Power: +5 Might, Magic, Perception and Destiny (scale) for one hour (cumulative with other spells?)


    Fire Ward: +5 fire resistance (scale) for whole party for 3 turns (scale).
    Expert: (Improved Warding) +5 fire resistance (locked).
    Master: Improved warding increased to +10 (locked).
    GM: (Fire Barrier) 5 fire damage (scale) absorbed from attacks to all party, before applying resistance.

    Torchlight: Illuminates surroundings for 25 turns (scale).
    Expert: Decreases mana cost in half.
    Master: (Fueling Flame) Fire spells do 2% (locked) increased damage while the spell lasts.
    GM: Increases Fueling Flame to 5% increased damage.

    Danger Sense: See enemies on mini-map for 20 turns (scale).
    Expert: Decrease mana cost in half.
    Master: (Sixth Sense) Traps do 20% less damage (locked) while the spell lasts.
    GM: Sixth Sense increased to 50% less damage.

    Firebolt: Does 30 fire damage (scale) to target.
    Expert: (Melting Flame) Decreases target armor by 5 (locked) for 1 turn (locked).
    Master: Increase Melting Flame to decrease 10 armor (locked).
    GM: (Blaze) Does 15% of the fire damage again to the target in the next turn.

    Burning Determination: Protects party from Paralyze, Sleep and Stun for 1 turn (scale).
    Master: (Burning Will) Also protects against Feeblemind.
    GM: (Indomitable) If cast within a turn of the protected status effects, they are dispelled.

    Inner Fire: +5 Might (scale) for 3 turns (scale).
    Master: (Outer Flame) The next attack done by each party member does 5 bonus fire damage (locked). Daggers get half damage.
    GM: Outer Flame lasts as long as the spell lasts. Daggers get half damage.

    Fireball: Does 35 fire damage (scale) to group of enemies.
    Master: (Melting Flame) Decreases the armor of all targets by 5 (locked) for 1 turn (locked).
    GM: (Blaze) Does 15% of the fire damage again to all targets in the next turn.

    Fire Shield: Does 5 fire damage (scale) to attacking enemies for 1 turn (scale).
    GM: (Melting Flame) Attacking enemies also have their armor decreased by 5 (locked) for 1 turn (locked).

    Fire Blast: Does 40 fire damage (scale) to all enemies in a line.
    GM: (Blaze) Does 15% of the fire damage again to all targets in the next turn.


    Water Ward: +5 water resistance (scale) for 3 turns (scale).
    Expert: (Improved Warding) +5 water resistance (locked).
    Master: Improved warding increased to +10 (locked).
    GM: (Water Barrier) 5 water damage (scale) absorbed from attacks to all party, before applying resistance.

    Consciousness: Awakens target.
    Expert: (Wide Awake) Target can’t fall asleep for 1 turn (locked).
    Master: Wide Awake increases duration to 2 turns.
    GM: (Reinvigorate) Target’s next attack can’t miss or be blocked.

    Frozen Ground: Group of enemies can’t move for 1 turn (locked?).
    Expert: (Freeze) Affected Targets get -10 evade (locked) for the duration.
    Master: Freeze evade reduction increased to -20 (locked).
    GM: (Shatter) +3% critical chance against targets for the duration. The first critical dissipates Shatter on target.

    Ice Bolt: Does 10 water damage (scale) and causes Chill, decreasing its number of attacks by 1 (locked). (Suggestion, increase damage to 15)
    Expert: (Numbness) Target’s next attack has a -10 penalty to its attack (locked).
    Master: Numbness increases to a -15 penalty (locked).
    GM: (Frozen Limbs) Target’s critical chance reduced by 5% (locked, minimum 2%).

    Ice Prison: Target can’t attack or move for 1 turn (locked?).
    Master: (Shatter) +5% critical chance against target for the duration. The first critical dissipates Shatter.
    GM: Duration increased to 2 turns (if locked).

    Circle of Winter: Does 10 water damage (scale) to all enemies surrounding party and causes Chill, decreasing their numbers of attacks by 1 (locked). (Suggestion, increase damage to 15).
    Master: (Numbness) The next attack of all targets has a -10 penalty to their attack (locked).
    GM: (Frozen Limbs) All targets’ critical chance reduced by 5% (locked, minimum 2%).

    Water Flows Freely: Cures Paralyze.
    Master: (Persistent Flow) Target can’t be paralyzed for 1 turn (locked).
    GM: (Return the Flow) Target immediately attacks when cured without losing it’s turn.

    Blizzard: Enemies in a line are done 30 water damage (scale) and causes Chill, decreasing the number of attacks from all targets by 1 (locked).
    GM: (Numbness) The next attack of each target has a -10 attack penalty.

    Liquid Membrane: Reduces Damage by 0.7% (?) (scale) for 1 turn (locked?).
    GM: (Soothing Membrane) Heals 5 health per turn while lasts (if scale), or heals 20 health when cast (if locked).

    Tsunami: Does 30 water damage (scale) to all targets in a line and pushes them back.


    Earth Ward: +5 Earth resistance (scale) for 3 turns (scale).
    Expert: (Improved Warding) +5 earth resistance (locked).
    Master: Improved warding increased to +10 (locked).
    GM: (Earth Barrier) 5 earth damage (scale) absorbed from attacks to all party, before applying resistance.

    Entangle: Does 20 earth damage (scale) to target and it can’t move for 1 turn (locked).
    Expert: (Obstructing Vines) Target has -15 ranged attack (locked) while the spell lasts.
    Master: (Constricting Vines) The first time the target attacks it is done 5 earth damage (scale)
    GM: The vines last two turns.

    Regeneration: Heals 20 health (scale) to all party instantly and for 3 turns (locked).
    Expert: (Resiliency) Increases resistances by 5 (locked) while the spell lasts.
    Master: Resiliency bonus increases to 10 (locked).
    GM: (Regenerative Feedback) Each target heals half the damage inflicted on them on the next source of damage.

    Cure Poison: Cures poison from target.
    Expert: (Venom Immunity) After being cured target can’t be poisoned for 1 turn (locked).
    Master: Venom Immunity increases to 2 turns (locked).
    GM: (Anti-Venom) Heals 30% of the poison damage done to target.

    Poison Spray: Target is done 10 earth damage (scale) and 2 more earth damage (scale) every turn. Evade is decreased by 5 (scale).
    Master: (Debilitating Poison) Target’s attack damage decreased by 5% (locked).
    GM: Debilitating Poison increases to 10% (locked).

    Stone Skin: All party member get +4 armor (scale).
    Master: (Petrified Bones) Critical damage done to party decreased by 10%.
    GM: (Hardened Limbs) All party gets 1 extra melee block (locked) while the spell lasts. This block has a 20% block chance (locked) and is rolled when there are no melee blocks left.

    Strength of the Earth: Cures weakened.
    Master: (Lasting Strength) Target can’t be weakened for 1 turn (locked) after being cured.
    GM: (Renewed Strength) The next melee attack done by target after being cured does 3 extra earth damage (scale).

    Poison Cloud: Creates a poison a line for 3 turns (locked), doing 4 earth damage (scale) to all inside every turn. (Suggestion, increase damage to 6)
    GM: (Debilitating Poison) Each turn targets stay in the cloud they have their attack damage decreased by 10% (locked) for that turn.

    Acid Splash: Does 30 earth damage (scale) to target and decreases armor by 50% (locked).
    GM: (Corrosive Burn) Does 10 earth damage (scale) to target next turn.

    Crushing Weight: Does 20% of target’s current health as damage (locked).


    Air Ward: +5 Air Resist (scale) for 3 turns (scale).
    Expert: (Improved Warding) +5 air resistance (locked).
    Master: Improved warding increased to +10 (locked).
    GM: (Air Barrier) 5 air damage (scale) absorbed from attacks to all party, before applying resistance.

    Sparks: Does 10-20 air damage (scale) to all enemies around party.
    Expert: (Electrocution) The next time the target is done air damage within 1 turn (locked), it takes 3 extra air damage (scale).
    Master: Electrocution increases to 5 extra air damage (scale).
    GM: (Paralyzing Shock) Targets can’t block the next attack done to them.

    Wind Shield: Increases Evade by 10 (scale) for 1 turn (scale).
    Expert: (Wind Barrier) Increases evade against ranged attacks by 10 (locked).
    Master: Wind Barrier increased to 15 evade (locked).
    GM: (Wind Wall) All party gets 1 communal ranged block (locked). This ranged block has 30% block chance and is rolled when there are no ranged blocks left. Wind Wall dissipates after blocking 1 ranged attack.

    Gust of Wind: Does 6 air damage (scale) and 6 physical damage (scale) to target, pushing it back.
    Expert: (Forceful Blast) If the target can’t be pushed, it receives double physical damage. It receives 150% air damage otherwise.
    Master: (Daze) If the target can’t be pushed, it takes a -10 penalty to attack (locked) for 1 turn (locked).
    GM: (Gale) Target is pushed 2 tiles.

    Eagle Eye: +5 Perception (scale) to the party for 3 turns (scale).
    Master: (Preying Eyes) Ranged attacks get +1 air damage (scale).
    GM: (Apex Predator) +3% ranged critical chance (locked) while spell lasts.

    Lightning Bolt: Does 17-35 air damage (scale) to target.
    Master: (Electrocution) The next time the target is done air damage within 1 turn (locked), it takes 5 extra air damage (scale).
    GM: (Paralyzing Shock) Target can’t block the next attack done to it.

    Clear Mind: Cures feeblemind.
    Master: (Clarity) Target can’t be affected by feeblemind for 1 turn after being cured.
    GM: (Inspiration) Target’s next ability or spell used does +10% damage.

    Chain Lightning: does 20 air damage (scale) to target, jumping to a new close target until it can’t jump to any targets.
    GM: (Electrocution) The next time the target is done air damage within 1 turn (locked), it takes 5 extra air damage (scale).

    Cyclone: Does 15 air damage (scale) to targets it reaches for 6 turns (locked).
    GM: (Daze) Each time a target is hit, it takes a -15 penalty to attack (locked) for 1 turn (locked).

    Thunderstorm: A storm in a line in front of the party does 10 air damage (scale) to all targets for 3 turns (locked).


    Light Ward: +5 light resistance (scale) for 3 turns (scale).
    Expert: (Improved Warding) +5 light resistance (locked).
    Master: Improved warding increased to +10 (locked).
    GM: (Light Barrier) 5 light damage (scale) absorbed from attacks to all party, before applying resistance.

    Light Orb: Illuminates the surroundings for 25 turns (scale).
    Expert: Mana cost reduced by 50%.
    Master: (Blinding Light) While spell lasts, enemies have -1 attack (scale).
    GM: (Soothing Light) Any time a character is healed, it is healed 3 extra damage (scale) while spell lasts.

    Celestial Armor: Protects the next 15 damage done (scale) in the next 1 turn (scale).
    Expert: (Warding Light) Party gets +5 armor (locked) for 1 turn (locked) if Celestial Armor is depleted.
    Master: (Renewing Armor) Every turn that Celestial Armor isn’t depleted, it restores 3 damage (scale) to the amount it can absorb, up to the initial amount.
    GM: (Lasting Light) After Celestial armor is depleted, it is renewed but protecting only the next 5 damage done (scale) for the next 1 turn (locked). Warding Light only triggers after this second armor is depleted.

    Clairvoyance: Detects traps for the next 20 turns (scale).
    Expert: Costs 50% less mana.
    Master: (Uncanny Senses) Traps are shown in the mini-map within 3 tiles (locked) as a gold lit tile.
    GM: (Prescience) Traps are automatically disarmed if triggered while spell lasts.

    Cleansing Light: Cures curse.
    Master: (Blessed Light) Target can’t be cursed for 1 turn (locked), after the curse is lifted.
    GM: Depends on how curse works. If it lowers Destiny (like it lowered Luck in MM 1-5), it gives a +27 destiny bonus (locked) for 1 turn (locked) after curing the target. If it prevents the afflicted from acting (like in MM 6-9), it gives the target an action if it already failed to act this turn.

    Heal: Instantly heals 80 damage (scale) from target.
    Master: (Warding Light) Target gets +10 armor (locked) for 1 turn (locked) after being healed.
    GM: (Healing Aura) Party members adjacent to target are healed 15 damage (scale).

    Radiant Weapon: Deals 10 Light (scale) and 10 Physical damage (scale) and target can’t block for 1 turn (locked).
    Master: (Shred Armor) Target gets -20 armor (locked) against the next attack it is dealt within 1 turn (locked).
    GM: Target can’t block for 2 turns.

    Resurrection: Target is resurrected.
    GM: (Impenetrable Light) Target gets +50 to all resistances (locked) and +50 armor (locked) for 1 turn after being resurrected.

    Heal Party: Instantly heals 10 health (scale) from whole party. (Suggestion, increase heal to 40 health)
    GM: (Warding Light) All party gets +5 armor (locked) for 1 turn (locked) after being healed.


    Darkness Ward: +5 Dark resistance (scale) for 3 turns (scale).
    Expert: (Improved Warding) +5 dark resistance (locked).
    Master: Improved warding increased to +10 (locked).
    GM: (Dark Barrier) 5 dark damage (scale) absorbed from attacks to all party, before applying resistance.

    Dark Vision: Decreases darkness in surrounding area for 25 turns (scale), allowing vision.
    Expert: Mana cost reduced by 50%.
    Master: (Sharp Vision) Party gets +1 perception (scale) while spell lasts.
    GM: (Infravision) Can see enemies behind walls and objects.

    Shadow Cloak: The next attack done in the next 1 turn (scale) will miss.
    Expert: Mana cost decreased to 10.
    Master: (Obscuring Shadows) After Shadow Cloak blocks an attack party gets +20 evade (locked) for 1 turn (locked).
    GM: Obscuring Shadows increases to +40 evade (locked).

    Whispering Shadows: Sense secrets for 20 turns (scale).
    Expert: Mana cost reduced by 50%.
    Master: (Calling Shadows) Secrets are shown in the mini-map as a purple area up to two tiles away.
    GM: Calling Shadows increases to up to three tiles away.

    Purge: Dispels positive effects from target.
    Master: (Impregnable Darkness) Target can’t be affected by positive effects for 1 turn (locked), after having an effect dispelled from it.
    GM: (Menacing Darkness) Target is also dealt 8 dark damage (scale) for each spell purged.

    Drain Life: Does 16 dark damage (scale) to target, healing the party for 10 damage (divided, each?) (scale).
    Master: (Drain Vigor) Party is also granted might depending on target’s size. +5 (small), +10 (medium) or +20 (large) might (locked) for 1 turn (locked).
    GM: (Drain Powers) Target can’t use abilities for 1 turn (locked). If target could cast spells, next damage spell does 6 extra dark damage (scale).

    Sleep: Target falls asleep for 1 turn (locked), but if damaged awakens.
    Master: (Deep Slumber) The next attack done to target won’t wake it up, but dissipates Deep Slumber.
    GM: Target falls asleep for 2 turns (locked).

    Terror: Target runs away for 1 turn (scale).
    GM: (Nightmare) Target also can’t block or evade during the spell’s duration. If cast of a target that’s asleep, it also does 16 dark damage (scale).

    Agony: Target takes 4 dark damage (scale) whenever it is attacked.
    GM: (Crippling Agony) Target also takes the spell damage every time it acts.

    Weakness: All enemies around the party are done 2 dark damage (scale) every turn and does 20% less damage. Lasts 1 turn (locked?). (Suggestion, if the duration is truly locked, increase damage to 20, if not, still increase damage to something closer to 8 or 10).
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    Hi, thank you for your feedback I have merged your threads together.
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    Hmm... ok, I just put it in two different threads because I went over the character limit, but in hindsight this is better.
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    Sandro, many of your suggestions involve making the characters more powerful. Do you feel that the game is too difficult?

    Since the developers announced the game release on Jan. 23, I think it is too late to incorporate any of your ideas. But, it may be interesting to see how they might work in the full game, not just Act 1. (Or maybe you had Act II, too?)
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    Originally Posted by Cyber_Witch Go to original post
    Sandro, many of your suggestions involve making the characters more powerful. Do you feel that the game is too difficult?

    Since the developers announced the game release on Jan. 23, I think it is too late to incorporate any of your ideas. But, it may be interesting to see how they might work in the full game, not just Act 1. (Or maybe you had Act II, too?)

    Not at all. I play on Warrior since day 1 of the early access. Ideally the idea behind the changes is two-fold.

    a) Making the spell system more involved and interesting.


    b) making the skill system more balanced, with every skill having the same worth.

    It can easily go the other way and make the more powerful skills a bit weaker and decrease the overall power of the spells to accommodate the changes. Or make the game tougher to accommodate the increased power.
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    While I do not agree with all modification suggestions I am 150% in for the revamp in general.
    Magic system and skill system must get more interesting to make this game great instead of just "fair / good".
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    Hey Sandro,

    A lot of your stuff can be accomplished yourself. You can edit the .CSV's (excel spreadsheets, basically) that govern what skills do. You can't invent totally new mechanics, but you can change what mechanics skills use (make Axe Grandmastery give additional strikes, for example), or the values assigned to them.

    I considered doing some tweaks myself and releasing them as something to the community, but ultimately two things stopped me: I like playing games as the developers intended them. And second and more importantly, from reading the forums, what I consider easy other people consider difficult. It seems like there's way more demand for changes that make the game easier, and personally I'd be inclined to make it more challenging.
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    Hi brbragequit,

    is there any other files to change spell and ability values ? e.g. reduce damage and reduce spell cost or change its pre req.s like i dont like to have reju at start it is way OP spell to have at Lvl 1 instead i want to do it earth expert or (normal = 1 target / expert all party) and light magic heal spell with less heal and less mana cost and remove its light magic expert pre req. etc ?
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    You can change values of pretty much everything, but not functionality. If the effect (like additional strikes, or bleeding, or % crit damage) already exists in some form in the game,you can apply it to anything else and change the power of the effect, but you can't invent wholesale new effects.

    Tweaking when you get stuff, how much it costs to buy, how much mana it costs, how much it heals/does damage, this is all possible, and actually pretty damn easy.

    Another reason I'm not so keen on doing a community patch for things like this is that the game is already balanced around certain assumptions. It may seem in Act I that certain things are way too weak or way too strong, but once you get deep into the game you can see why they are the way they are. If you just change things blindly, you could hugely imbalance the game. As an example: Sandro said the armor skills are bad because crit damage reduction is borderline worthless. In fact, it's one of the most overpowered mechanics in the game. Monsters crit a lot more than you do, and especially more so as you go further into the game. Crit damage reduction is possibly the biggest damage reduction you can attain, overshadowing armor value to a large degree.

    Doing it right would entail not just making changes to the skill system, but then modifying the stats of every monster in the game to adjust to your new balance (ignoring the even more time-consuming stage of figuring out through gameplay what is no longer balanced after you make changes).

    This is why community balance changes on surface seem like a great idea, but often suck long-term. People skip the "play game with changes, see what's imbalanced" stage and just release it.
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