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    Why can't I play Freedom Cry? (I`m uplay user)

    Why can't I play Freedom Cry? (I`m uplay user)

    every uplay user now playable freedom cry.

    but I can`t play it.

    also there is no update!!!

    and there is more problem.

    blackbeard wrath DLC`S achievement is not updating in my game!!

    what is this happen??

    I wish ubisoft must be solve this problem!!
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    Having the same Problem with Freedom cry, "Freezing in the loading screens" AC4 had run fine for me until now.
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    Curious, how do you access Freedom Cry once you finally manage to get it installed? Is it via the Additional Content tab?

    A lot of us have yet to be able to get it to install, even though Uplay says we own it.
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