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    PC crashes after Ubisoft recomended fixes for AC4BFsSP.EXE Stopped Working

    Now I am getting crashes after and during playing anything that may puts some load on my video card after following the recomendationd from Ubisoft, especially the ones for microsoft framework, C+ and drirect x downloads they said would fix the AC4BFSP.EXE stopped working errors. It tried reloading all drivers, going back to system restore to previous point prior to the recomendations. I still get the crashes. It's like my video card stops working, then windows reboots on it own. My system is one month old. Specs below. Help please if anyone has any ideas! Thanks

    Gigabyte Z87X-UD3H motherboard

    Corsair 16gb Dominator Platinum

    Gigabyte 760GTX-OC-4GD Video Card

    Corsair RM850 PSU

    Windows 7 64 bit
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    Okay, my apologies to UBISOFT, the blue screen crashes were not due to software changes. It was a loose power connection. Having said that, UBISOFT still needs to fix the AC4BFSP.EXE stopped working errors! Even after the patch!!
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