For some obscure reason I didn't play patch one and only got patch two a few days ago. Only played today. And the gap is huge.

-> Day/night cycle. From a pre-patch one player: thank you! Thank you! I spent time wandering in town, casually, just because I could.
-> Minimap. Didn't try the notes since I already knew where to go. Still, when I looked for the training ground, I found it in ten seconds (okay more like two).
-> Inventory. Again. Pre-patch one, you began with full equipment, and there was nothing to buy. Here I felt the progression, buying my first crossbow (350 golds?! That's robbery!), then two others, spending my gold on shiny armors... It felt good.
-> Kenshis. Pre-patch one made me fear them so much that I waited to be level 7, having wasted everything else before daring to confront them. Well... eventually I didn't even care for Elite Kenshis. My character is below 20% HP? Nope, not resting, let's kill more kenshis first.
-> Merchants. They restock and that's good. New objects, that's even better, and seeing the equipped stuff is perfect (better than the MM7 interface, eh). Okay, potions are really cheap (I really expected them to eat my gold) but having the potential to buy them is all I asked.
Oh yeah, and the merchant before Portmeyron's castle. That was great. Too bad for Luke.
-> Quest. The flower quest worked, woohoo.
-> Secret passages. In Portmeyron's Castle, I found a wall but none of my warriors could open it, because magic. That felt right and fair.
-> Monsters. I noticed monsters appearing on the plain, even though I had already wasted the place. Notably some spiders near the entrance of town. I'm not sure what gives (especially since there should be no respawn), but I like it. It entertains me during my travel, it's still a bit of experience and at one point I thought spiders where appearing at night, making the world more immersive.
-> As a quick note, enemy's spells are great.

Ended Act I in "Adventurer" in roughly 3-4 hours with, again, four dwarves-defender, level 10. Nothing stood a chance.

I won't echo what others said, potions, lag, mana pool, identify/repair, some dialog issues, etc... right now the focus should be on the interface, making information clearer, that sort of things. For me, the gap was too great to even care.

[EDIT] Scratching my only complain about attribute button not visible. Known issue.