Okay, it's actually not a problem... sort of.

I made a new party, went to the well and at the first intersection, a fight begins. I spammed my keys to turn my head even though I knew it wouldn't work, just to try and see the enemy. Later I made another new party, went to the well, intersection... And I spammed the "turn-your-sorry-head-now!" key.
Then I came here to complain when it struck me that you could move your view by just holding right-click and moving your mouse. Went back to game, load autosave, intersection and yay! I could entertain myself instead of watching a wall for several seconds! Best. Feature. Ever.

This seems to be a theme recently (or less recently) that the interface isn't exactly crystal-clear. Thus far looking around was aesthetic - I knew it existed, never used it - so when I wanted to look at my enemy during a fight, it never even occurred to me I could use that, and I harassed my keyboard instead. And that's knowing it exists, I learned it by reading the forum (or a dev blog, can't remember).
So... yeah. Sadly you might need to explain to players (like me) how to play.