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    Duel of Champions - Replay Manager


    Here is a replay manager I programmed from scratch (and then added a bit of code from Duckbat's History Viewer).

    Last update: 2015-05-10

    Download r34 : http://aranarth.pagesperso-orange.fr...%20Manager.exe (926k)

    Sources for devs [C#] r33 : http://aranarth.pagesperso-orange.fr...0[r34].zip (583k)

    Full release notes:
    Spoiler:  Show

    r34 (2015-05-10)
    - Fixed a crash where, if there was no config file at launch, Replay Manager was searching game path in the wrong place.

    r33 (2015-05-10)
    - Card pictures are now built from game files and will always be up-to-date.
    - Added settings to save/load cards from disk for low end computers (default = disabled).
    - Added a setting to force alternate art when available (default = disabled).
    - Known issues showing my lack of knowledge of the gamedata file:
    • Zardoc and Serpentfly have alternate arts only.
    • Caller of the Void and Monastery of Helexia have a transparent alternate art.
    - Extended search panel's search text to include:
    • Description, races and abilities (ie: "breeder" will match "Lurker in the Dark").
    • Special tags (full list shown next to the search box).
    - Fixed replays set as "Unwatched" from showing a rating of 255.
    - Fixed Explorer context menu's command "Watch Replay".

    r32 (2015-04-17)
    - Quick fix for Time of Renewal (ToR), replays shouldn't disappear anymore (or try F4).
    - Steam version of the game can now:
    • benefit from Automation (see Settings).
    • watch a replay even if the game is running.
    - Fixed Mother Namtaru, Invoker of Death being seen as an Unknown card.
    - Fixed #Turns which could be off by one.
    - Fixed Neutral weekly format detection.
    - Fixed Cloudshapped Djinn not being accounted for when computing max might/magic/destiny stats.
    - Attempted to prevent a rare issue where Replay Manager goes over the game client when using the "Let's Play!" button.
    - Moved user data (ratings, comments, ...) to its own compact file.
    - Added tooltips to column headers.

    r31 (2014-10-03)
    - Quick fix for Sins of Betrayal (SoB), replays shouldn't disappear anymore.
    - SoB cards will be downloadable as soon as official website put them on.
    - Fixed heroes from Heart of Nightmare (HoN) and Griffin Bane (GB) not showing in Library [F3].
    - Added ability to drag & drop replay links to replay manager (tested on mmdoctools).
    - Build filters can now either use space or slash as separator.

    r30 (2014-08-17)
    - Fixed Ranked column (or so I hope).

    r29 (2014-08-16)
    - Added a Ranked column (beta).
    - Added an explicit "Columns" menu (identical to context menu on column headers).
    - Added ability to re-download a card's picture by holding the CONTROL key before the card is displayed.
    - Added a way for replays to be added/removed as they are created/deleted on disk, reducing the need to Refresh [F5].
    - Fixed a bug in the weekly format detection that was affecting following weeklies: Magic (30+ spells), Fortune (30+ fortunes) and Variety.
    - Fixed Refresh [F5] taking too long when using settings to limit loading in some cases.
    - Fixed outrageous time taken to remove an "Extra replay folder" (it is now instantaneous).
    - Fixed range of dates filter: range's upper bound is now inclusive.

    In case spectated replays are generated (due to special rights, or if they come back in the futur):
    - Added an icon to tag spectated replays.
    - Added a delay of 1.5 sec (configurable) between actions of spectated replays that occured before you started spectating.

    r28 (2014-07-09)
    - Fixed compatibility issues with Griffin Bane expansion.
    - Added Griffin Bane expansion filter.

    r27 (2014-07-02)
    - Added Faction (no neutrals, no spells) weely detection.
    - Added performance settings to limit amount of loaded replays.
    NB: for now, I only check creation time, not the file name.
    - Added a performance setting to disable hash.
    NB: associated feature is the listing of replays using similar decklist.
    - Fixed the hash algorythm (2 identical decklists with a different order were considered different).
    - Displaying player "Local_Player_1" now overrides the "Hide replays against AI" setting.
    - Fixed automation taking too long on the new login screen.
    - Fixed decklist window not showing on request after being minimized.
    - Fixed a glitch were Replay Manager was staying on top of the game client.
    - Fixed lacking "Open" format on replays opposing a standard deck to an open deck.

    r26 (2014-06-12)
    - Added faction/neutral weeklies detection.
    - Fixed a critical crash that occured when the Format column was sorted.
    - Fixed an issue where the manager could be on top of the game when starting to watch a replay.
    - Reworked the hash algorythm to avoid diagonal collision (2 different decklist with same signature). But it's slower so:
    - Added an option to remove context menu commands that show replays using same decklist (hash won't be computed). Use it if replay manager takes too long to startup.
    - Tweaked tooltips that appear when text is larger than column.

    r25 (2014-05-25)
    - Added context menu items to show replays using the exact same deck. F5 to reset view.
    - Added a Hand Simulator (access via button on top of decklist window).
    - Added some weekly formats:
    • Bloated (109+ cards)
    • Common (commons only)
    • BlingBling (no commons)
    • Singleton (one copy per card max)
    • Combo (39 cards deck)
    • Fortune (30+ fortunes in a 59-69 cards deck)
    • Magic (30+ spells in a 59-69 cards deck)
    • Creature (only creatures)
    • Variety (15+ creatures, 15+ spells, 15+ fortunes and 5+ buildings in a 59-69 cards deck)
    - Fixed a crash when trying to display a non-existing card (like the 6/6/6 hero in campaign)
    - Fixed a potential crash when attempting to view decklists and mana curve is hidden.
    - Fixed an issue involving a 0 pixel column that, resized, broke the display.
    - Fixed shortcuts not working in some areas (they are now application-wide).

    r24 (2014-05-16)
    - Removed a debug message left in r23.

    r23 (2014-05-16)
    - Added a Format column.
    - Added "Set result" command to right-click menu for undefined result replays.
    Or force your way using Shift + Right-click to show context menu.
    - Added a checkbox in the top right corner to show/hide replays against AI (defaults to hide).
    - Added an option to keep the same sort order across sessions (set as default).
    - Added emphasis on sorted column and fixed the column arrow direction.
    - Automation: added an option to maximize the game window.
    - Automation: attempted to improve the Skip logo feature.
    - Fixed a r22 bug that prevented refresh to occure when:
    - rating a replay
    - removing highlights
    - previewing colors change
    - Fixed a crash caused by empty replay files.
    - Fixed a crash that happened when the "Watch replay" command from explorer was used while the manager was open and no replay were selected.
    - Fixed the column rename command (it was renaming the wrong one).

    r22 (2014-05-03)
    - Reworked automation. You can now: skip intro, force full screen, type password.

    [Displayed cards improvements]
    - Added website selection for cards download.
    - Now defaults to duelofchampions.com (high-res, multi-language).
    - Added options to resize cards (percent, fixed height, fixed width).

    [Decklist window improvements]
    - Fixed starting hands.
    - Added button to show pre-mulligan hands.
    - Added checkboxes to quickly show/hide resource curves and starting hands.
    - Decklist and resource curves' size are now saved/restored.
    - Resource curves improved a bit.
    - Decklists are now easier to copy, and properly formatted.
    - Fixed rare crash when trying to access some decklists.

    - Greatly improved performances of custom style, which is now the default mode.
    - Fixed heroes full name spilling over next cell in custom style mode.
    - Fixed "card played" search with decks that include same card in both normal and premium version.
    - Added campaign and AI training replays compatibility. Note that most of these contains only half of the duel, Ubisoft only knows why.
    - Auto-update mode "Always" is now finally handled.
    - Auto-update now has 3 choices: update now (install right away), update later (install on close), don't update.
    - Replaced damaged icons.

    r21 (2014-04-13)
    - Added a column that tells if a duel was part of a swiss tournament (right click a column title to show/hide more).
    - Added expansion filters to the search panel (don't forget you can right-click once or twice for quick selection).
    - Fixed a possible crash when trying to view decks.
    - Fixed high DPI issue with columns. High DPI users might see a slight improvement. Work in progress.
    - Changed auto-update to install new version right away instead of waiting for you to close the manager (starting with next update).

    r20 (2014-04-10)
    - Added a search panel (serves as a library too). "Played" cards are considered so when they are clicked (like with Day of Fortune) so it's not accurate. Factions, schools and rarity buttons can be right-clicked to quickly deselect all others. Right-click again to re-enable them all.
    - Filters: all text fields can now use an exclamation mark (!) as an inverse (NOT) criteria.
    - Added a setting to shorten hero names (set by default).
    - Added faction icons to hero columns in alternate style mode.
    - Fixed crash when trying to sort might/magic/destiny columns.
    - Fixed replay location.
    - Decks window: replaced the double-click to close window by middle-click.
    - Added mana curves to deck window (alpha).

    r19 (2014-02-08)
    - Fixed a Drag & Drop error introduced with r18.

    r18 (2014-02-06)
    - Added columns for build numbers (ex: 4/6/1). Filter can use wildcards *, ? or x to match any number, and existing range/above/below syntax. For example the improbable 3-5/3+/x filter will match might between 3 and 5 included, magic of at least 3, and any destiny levels. Add exclamation mark (!) to mean NOT this build.
    - Using mousewheel on date filter now correctly add or substract a day (ex: 11/30 --> 12/1).
    - Middle clicking a filter now toggles it instead of just clearing it.
    - Added settings to deck window to use automatic (default) or fixed positioning (move it where you want).
    - Added settings to deck window to auto-hide card pictures or to let them stay on screen (click to close).
    - Auto-update script now always execute (for some persons the default action was to edit the script, not to run it).
    - Fixed a crash that occured when computer couldnt provide date format informations.

    r17 (2014-02-01)
    - Date filter can now be a fixed value like: D/M or D/M/Y (DMY order depends on your country). If your country use "-" as date separator, you will be forced to use "/" because "-" conflicts with range character and LESS operator. If you specify a date like 27/9 (for november 9th) when we're in february, it will assume last year. For example, for post "5 Towers" replays I use 5/12+
    - Better synchronization on card display for slow computers.
    - Fixed deck window with scrolled down cards lists. It was happening after a previous deck was scrolled, closed, and a new deck window opened.
    - Catch ALL corrupted replays and move them to "Faulty Replays" folder.
    - Expanded dropdownlists to show up to 43 entries (for all heroes). If that's an issue, I will add settings to fine-tune.
    - Improved auto-update prompt readability and options.

    r16 (2014-01-24)
    - Added auto-update: you will be prompted with patch notes when a new version is available.
    - Added ability to inverse following filters: Player, both Heroes and Results by right-clicking their combobox. A red border will indicate the inversion. For example: right-clicking on Aranarth78 will show replays from all players EXCEPT Aranarth78. Reset on new selection or 2nd right-click. Doesn't work on <All>.
    - Fixed Alternate selection style issue: grid lines won't disappear anymore. Also improved performance a bit.
    - Removed blank line after last card of decks. This time for real !
    - Workaround for a glitch where card window can be stuck on screen: mouse over to close it.
    - Fixed odd crash error when loading cards.
    - Fixed some listview tooltip positions.
    - Parented secondary windows (Decks and Settings) to main window to keep them linked.
    - clicking Settings [F12] toggles visibility instead of bringing the existing window to front.

    r15 (2014-01-18)
    - Fixed more crashes related to faulty replays, which are moved to the Faulty Replays folder alongside previously detected but simply ignored faulty replays. Happy harverst !

    r14 (2014-01-17)
    - Fixed a layout issue.

    r13 (2014-01-17)
    - Added settings to log automatically when you want to watch a replay. Password is safely encrypted except from NSA.
    - Added a button to launch game for those willing to benefit from auto log feature for gaming sessions too.
    - Added setting so that when you drag & drop replays onto the manager, you can choose if it copies or moves files to Replay folder.
    - Added setting to associate replay files with this application. When double clicking a replay file, it will automatically copy/move it to replay folder. You will also be able to right-click a replay in explorer/desktop and select Watch Replay to benefit from alternate hands and auto login anywhere. You can remove association at any time, it will even restore previous association if any.
    - Forced application to have a single instance running.
    - Fixed crash when manager was trying to load zero filled replays. Faulty replays will be moved into \Replay\Faulty Replays.
    - Removed blank line after last card of decks.
    - Removed the Show Casting Cost option: it was rather useless with card display.

    r12 (2014-01-13)
    - Now, when watching a replay, you see both hands (well, alternate hands ).

    r11 (2014-01-12)
    - Fixed wrong duration stats (bad rounding could add an extra minute or hour).
    - Fixed possible crash when sorting mulligan columns (not a single report, popular columns for sure ).
    - Deck window now sorts each category by casting cost.
    - Deck window now also displays both players' starting hand (can be hidden).
    - Deck window can now provides cards' image (english image only). Depending on options, it loads image when you mouse over, mouse click, or never. First access is slow because the image is downloaded (from MMDoCKing.com) the first time for each card, and then stored to a subfolder for further fast access.
    - Added an option for Deck window to display casting costs (a bit useless but I spent so much time for this crap that I can't delete it ).
    - Added a rating system (basic implementation for now). Right click a replay to rate it.

    *Please note that downloads don't use a proxy, so it will fail/crash if you need to use one. In that case, and for now, disable that option in the Deck window options menu.

    r10 (2014-01-05)
    - Fixed game crashing when trying to watch a replay for Steam users.
    - Fixed potential application crash with multiple game installs and/or replay folders.
    - Drag & drop selected replays over an Excel sheet to copy raw table.
    - You can also use Ctrl+C on manager, then Ctrl+V on Excel.

    r9 (2013-12-29)
    - Fixed application crashing when trying to load a DRAW game (never had a draw game so far to test ).
    - You can now copy decks from the Show decks window again.

    r8 (2013-12-29)
    - Added settings for additional replay folders.
    - Fixed various crashes related to undetectable install path. Or so I hope.
    - Fixed Cyrillic characters on Show decks window. Drawback : you can't copy deck to clipboard for now...

    r7 (2013-12-26)
    - Displaying large amount of replays is now almost instantaneous. Thanks to virtual items, adding 50 or 100 000 replays takes the same time ! Incidentally reduced memory usage too, only creating one entry per visible line. That change also means that filtering and sorting tons of items takes nothing (benchmarked : to filter 10 fields that results in still 1800 replays sorted on 3 different columns takes 12 milliseconds on my PC).
    - Added support for column re-order (filters follow, and order is saved/restored from config file).
    - Added shortcuts: [Ctrl+A] to select all replays, [Ctrl+I] to inverse selection, [Ctrl+D] to deselect all.
    - Added shortcut [F7] to existing command Display Stats for selected items.
    - Now, replays stay highlighted unless you go to Refresh menu and select Remove highlights or press [F6];
    - Fixed bug: if you were showing all possible columns, after closing and reopening the manager, last 6 columns where hidden.
    - Fixed bad english: I inversed "rows" and "columns" for calendar settings.
    - Experimental: added settings to Use alternate selection style. Graphical hickups may happens.

    r6 (2013-12-22)
    - Added 2 columns: Mulligan for both players. (Don't forget you can right-click a column header to show/hide columns).
    - Added a calendar button to help date filtering. To select a range within calendar: mouse down, move to another date, mouse up. (For reference, expansions' release date are in bold).
    - Added settings to change number of rows and columns of months the calendar displays.
    - Added context menu Display Stats for selected items, available when 2 or more items are selected before you right-click.
    - Changed date filtering to better reflect calendar's logic: so 1-2 doesnt select duels that happened between 24 hours ago and 48 hours ago, but those that occured between 2 days ago at midnight to yesterday at 23:59:59. Not sure my crappy english made it clear.
    - Fixed Filter menu not closing when a filter was clicked.
    - Fixed keys not being sent to the unfocused dropdown/combobox under mouse cursor. (I love typing first letter of a hero to fast filter, not clicking on dropdown then on name )

    r5 (2013-12-20)
    - Added 4 columns and their respective statistics: Experience, Gold and ELO gain/lose for each player. These columns are hidden per default.
    - Added a right-click menu on column headers. In this menu you can toggle column visibility and change column titles. Changes are saved between sessions.
    - Resizing a column properly resize associated filter and application window. Column width are now saved between sessions.
    - Filter submenus are now more accessible.
    - Changed menus appearance.
    - Fixed disappearance of status text.
    - Fixed mousewheel not always working on control under mouse.

    r1-r4 (2013-12-16 to 2013-12-19)
    - The cow is out, in various alpha versions, looking for stability.

    Among little features I added, there's drag & drop: you can drag replays in and out: drag in to automatically copy it in the replay folder, and show it (highlighted) in the manager; drag out to copy/send it --> want to share replay with friends ? Drag & drop over your favorite instant messenger.


    - Refresh [F5] loads replay created since application started (highlighted), removes deleted ones, and adds back those you temporarily removed from the manager list with [Delete] or [Backspace] keys.
    - Stats [F10] toggles a statistic panel on left or right side (configurable in Settings [F12]).
    - The Language menu displays all languages listed by Ubisoft (but some are still in english) and clicking one instantly changes cards' name.
    - Settings [F12] to customize and make it YOUR manager.

    About filters:

    Above each columns there's a filter:

    Dropdown filters are basic. For example, above "My Hero" you can select one of all the heroes you've played so far to only show replays with that particular hero. Note that you just need to mouve the mouse over a control (no clicking required) and you can start typing, say, [K] to cycle through Kat, Kaiko, Kelthor... or use mousewheel.

    A rather peculiar search !

    Text filters are more advanced and flexible:

    - You can set a range: for example a 7-12 filter above the Turns column will select replays that ended between turns 7 and 12 included.
    - You can set "above" or "below" rules. Following syntaxes are accepted: 5+ , 5> , +4 and >4. All of these examples are identicle: they match number 5 and above.
    - You can also search for an exact match with just a number.

    Note that the Time filter is in days, and the duration filters are in seconds (may enhance these with letters in futur release, like "m" for minutes or "w" for week).

    You can also move your mouse above a text filter and mousewheel to increase/decrease existing numbers. Like dropdown filters, you don't have to give focus to the control to use it, so no need to click it unless you want to type.

    To quickly reset a filter, middle click it (mousewheel button). To reset all filters at once, go to Filters menu and select None or press [F4].

    Once you've defined one or more filters, you can save them with Control+S or go to Filters menu and select "Save filter...". You will have to enter a name for that filter. It will then be available in the "Filters" menu. Now, you can go to that menu and left click to load that filter, or right click for advanced options which are: Set as default to load a saved filter when application start, Rename and Delete. The default filter is shown in bold, but may not be used if overriden with some Settings [F12].

    About the list of replay itself:

    You can right click a replay for a context menu with options:
    - Show decks (you can close the Decks window with space, delete, escape, enter or double click anywhere => I just hate to have to click on that god damn close button =_=).
    - Watch replay
    - Watch replay (capped idle time) => just like Duckbat's History Viewer with Limit delay option. Default cap is 5 seconds and can be configured in Settings [F12]. Just so you know, while watching a replay, you can use + and - to accelerate/slow down/pause (+ twice will accelerate to about 2 sec per action, while - twice, if not already accelerated, will pause).

    When you have one or more replay selected, you can press [Delete] or [Backspace] keys to temporarily remove them. Add them back with Refresh [F5]. Default action is View decks, and you can trigger it with [Space] and [Enter] keys.

    Columns can be sorted, and default order (on first click) are different depending on column. For example, Time sort from most recent to oldest, ELO from highest to lowest, player names alphabetically, etc... Don't forget you can sort 2 or more columns: for example if you want it sorted by hero and, within same heroes, sorted by ELO, start by click ELO column then Hero column. I also added visual cues of the sorted column.

    There's more, but I will let you experiment.

    Enjoy !
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    Lisbon, Portugal
    Installer doesn't work. I'm on Win7.
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    It's a portable exe. I use Win7 x64 in legacy mode (no UAC), so maybe you need to run it as an administrator ?
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    Works for me on Win 7. I'm using an administrator account.

    Looks pretty slick, good work Aranarth!
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    Mine is a Win7 x64 too. The installer stops working almost right after i double click on it. Maybe because i have the steam version of the game?

    These are the error details (sorry, it's in Portuguese):

    Assinatura do problema:
    Nome do Evento de Problema: CLR20r3
    Assinatura do Problema 01: doc - replay manager.exe
    Assinatura do Problema 02:
    Assinatura do Problema 03: 52af209b
    Assinatura do Problema 04: mscorlib
    Assinatura do Problema 05:
    Assinatura do Problema 06: 4ee9af8e
    Assinatura do Problema 07: 3fda
    Assinatura do Problema 08: 105
    Assinatura do Problema 09: System.IO.DirectoryNotFound
    Versão do SO: 6.1.7600.
    ID de Região: 2070
    Informações Adicionais 1: 0a9e
    Informações Adicionais 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
    Informações Adicionais 3: 0a9e
    Informações Adicionais 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
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    Steam user ? That's certainly the issue as I wasnt able to test with a steam user !

    I need a player that installed Duel of Champions with Steam for advanced informations:

    1) What are the value of these registry entries (type "reg" in windows start menu, you should see the "Registry Editor"):
    - "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Valve\Steam" => "SourceModInstallPath"
    - (Windows 64 bit only) "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Ubisoft\M MDoC-PDCLive" --> "Patch_Dir".
    - (Windows 32 bit only) "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Ubisoft\MMDoC-PDCLive" --> "Patch_Dir".

    EDIT: found DoC game ID in Steam: 256410, unless there are more.

    2) Using that ID can you tell me value of this registry entry:
    - (Windows 64 bit only) "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft \Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Steam App 256410" --> "InstallLocation".
    - (Windows 32 bit only) "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Cur rentVersion\Uninstall\Steam App 256410" --> "InstallLocation"

    With all these, I may automate detection of the right replay path and cards data. Thanks on behalf of other Steam users !
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    Installer does not work. Win7 64 - Adm user.
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    Blind attempt to locate Steam users game directory automatically, try this version:


    Shionsuke, have you installed the game via Steam ? If not, can you give me the error message like planeswalker17 did ?
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    Originally Posted by Aranarth78 Go to original post
    Steam user ? That's certainly the issue as I wasnt able to test with a steam user !

    I need a player that installed Duel of Champions with Steam for advanced informations:

    1) What are the value of these registry entries (type "reg" in windows start menu, you should see the "Registry Editor"):
    - "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Valve\Steam" => "SourceModInstallPath"
    - (Windows 64 bit only) "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Ubisoft\M MDoC-PDCLive" --> "Patch_Dir".
    - (Windows 32 bit only) "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Ubisoft\MMDoC-PDCLive" --> "Patch_Dir".

    EDIT: found DoC game ID in Steam: 256410, unless there are more.

    2) Using that ID can you tell me value of this registry entry:
    - (Windows 64 bit only) "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft \Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Steam App 256410" --> "InstallLocation".
    - (Windows 32 bit only) "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Cur rentVersion\Uninstall\Steam App 256410" --> "InstallLocation"

    With all these, I may automate detection of the right replay path and cards data. Thanks on behalf of other Steam users !
    - "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Valve\Steam" => "SourceModInstallPath" C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\sourcemods
    - (Windows 64 bit only) "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Ubisoft\M MDoC-PDCLive" --> "Patch_Dir" this entry doesn't exist
    - (Windows 64 bit only) "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft \Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Steam App 256410" --> "InstallLocation" D:\Games\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Might & Magic - Duel of Champions
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    Thank you ! Have you tried the new version ? So far it seems like it could work for you.

    I have a few more questions to be sure : in your D:\Games\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Might & Magic - Duel of Champions folder, do you have a GameData folder, and in that folder, do you have a Replay and Localization folder ? Or do the folders have localized names too, in Portugese maybe ?

    Thank you for your help !
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