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    So a little confused about what to do after I beat the game.

    After I beat the game, it had a map come up that had a bunch of missions, additional templar hunts included. However, they don't show up on my map now. Whats the deal? BTW, I've completed 96% of the game, I already got the templar armor as well...so im confused why they would show me a map once i beat the game and then have it not apply later.
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    If you start the last "mission" (the final bit at your hideout), there isn't any going back; you're done. Happened to me, too, so all I could do was start a new game and do it all again. A lot less frustrating the second go around, and now I know to deal with any outstanding stuff before that final bit.
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    @marstinson Its weird because if I recall correctly, I beat the game, finished the epilogue, credits n all and THEN it showed me a map with missions and stuff to do. I assumed it was post-story stuff to keep you busy til DLC....but it's nowhere to be found.
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    That map was just showing you everything you had completed. It wasn't a map of new missions.
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