i've played this game for about 5 hours so far, and i think now is a good time for a list of early feedback and bug reports. some of these have probably been mentioend elsewhere so i'm sorry if they are repetitive..

first off, i want to say that i am enjoying the game a lot and i'm looking forward to leveling up my characters and visiting new areas. so, this list is just for improvements in gameplay and balance.

**i can see enemies that are further away but i can't engage them. i think we should be able to get a "first strike" in
**diagonal enemies cannot be attacked - results in a lot of unnecessary pacing to get them in your line of sight
I can see how the two points above can perhaps be for combat balance though. This way you dont get attacked by too many enemies at once. but, on this note, diagonal enemies are still considered "adjacent" and don't allow me to move - if i can't attack them and they cant attack me i should be able to move.
**already reported bug with enemies near lighthouse. Both Kenshis and coral priestesses visually remain where i encountered them, although they move on the minimap. party keeps attacking them in the direction of their original location. ie, they will continue to shoot at them through rocks or buildings. eventually the enemies come into melee range but i can't visually seem them in front of me, I have yet to see what a kenshi actually looks like although i've killed several of them
**spiders do not have above problem. only issue i've encountered with them is that they move on the minimap before they move visually
**sometimes two enemies will appear in the same square - encountered this with kenshis and coral priestesses.
**can't select which enemy to attack when not in melee. This is a big downside. my party just shoots at random enemies and i can't strategize and kill off the weaker ones first. i can only select which to attack when i am surrounded by enemies in melee range
**no saving during combat. i would really like to see this feature. it is turn based so there is no reason why i shouldn't be able to save.
** i like the visuals of the combat overall - like how the arrows that hit the enemy actually remain embedded in the enemy
**i would like to see equipment that is capable of regenerating some HP/MP per turn. Otherwise you are a little screwed if you run out of potions
** regeneration is the most useful spell so far - please do not remove it

**sound: this is the same effect you hear when going into turn-based mode in mm6/7/8. I just feel like the sound should be something more "epic" and a slightly longer sound piece
**level up restores all stats - this is good and very useful because it reduces resting time required
**for some reason not all my characters level at the same time. One of my characters was knocked unconscious, but he was revived before the enemy was killed so shouldnt he have gotten the same experience as the other characters?
**leveling up should increase health and mana on its own I feel, outside of having to increase attributes. Otherwise what happens is that you are put in a position where you have to spend too many skill points on health/mana increases and you have a lot less opportunity to improve other useful stats. the attribute improvements should be bonuses on top of regular health/mana increases
**when levelling up attributes, if you hover over the attribute name it gives a description of what it does - good. However when i hover over the "+" button, there is another window that appears, but it is hidden behind the actual attribute window so i can't read it and have to idea what it says

**repetitive character phrases - i'm assuming this will be less of this when there is a full version, but as of right now, characters say the same phrase over and over to the point of it getting slightly annoying. I think i heard the "who forgot to take a bath phrase" (which was pretty funny the first few times) at least 6-7 times over ten mins.
**character gets shot three times in a row and starts the same dialogue with each shot, the result of it being that the audio overlaps and sounds almost like an echo or broken answering machine.

general gameplay
**lag, lag, lag. lag everywhere. it's pretty horrible at times. i'm not sure if it's because of the uplay connection but i can't imagine what else it might be... maybe something to do with graphics card?? it lags on party movement and is very slow to respond - sometimes i question whether i actually hit the forward button and then i hit it again, and i end up moving two spaces instead of 1. it lags on each combat encounter and after each enemy turn. there is a period of nothing happening before my characters can take their turns. i can't turn while enemies are moving either, i have to wait for them to finish. the loading screen lags, the shop keeper and house images lag.
**world map does not have current location marker??
**quest markers should also be shown on the map and minimap so i don't have to walk around the whole town with all that lag to figure out where i have to go
**likewise i would like to see different icons for different types of buildings on the map and minimap. ie, a different icon for magic store, different icon for book store, for armory and for smithy. i spent a lot of time hovering my mouse over circles and squares to figure out what's what
**night and day cycles - i would imagine they should be more smooth rather than it begin night and then suddenly light when dawn comes. MM6/7/8 all had much more smooth transitions and it was just visually nicer i think.

i hope some of these things get looked at, i've also made some other notes about character creation, a need for a tutorial and whatnot in other posts. don't get me wrong though, the game is going well so far