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    Does Hull Armor Get Stronger As Game Progresses?

    Wasn't quite sure how to word the subject . I've upgraded all of the Jackdaw's weapons and hull armor to everything but the Elite status. I haven't progressed far enough to get the diving bell to find the underwater plans. I'm getting hammered pretty good by ships and it seems the hull armor is not doing a very good job of protecting the ship and I get sunk a lot quicker than I think I should. Does the hull armor gain strength further into the game?
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    It increases your ship's health so to speak, but going up against a Man of War even on a fully upgraded ship will also take some skill and cunning to defeat it.

    Learn to sail past them on full sails with a full broadside, then slow down and quickly turn to use your other broadside, with a bit of practice with smaller ships schooner > brigs this should be enough to start boarding.

    Frigates and Man of War's take a bit of dodging and clever sailing to keep them at a disadvantage.
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    With a fully upgraded Jackdaw, I have found that the easiest way to take out an MOW is to ram it near the back in a t-bone fashion, and as you slide down the side of the ship, hit is with the non-target cannon shots (fireballs), followed immediately by the targeted swivel guns.

    The trick with the MOW is to stay in close so that you can hit it with the broadsides and stay out of their Mortar Range. With the nearly fully upgraded Jackdaw Hull, you should be able to take down the MOW using the tactics above without too much damage, and you can use the Repair the Jackdaw option to restore the ship to full health after you board.

    I have found that it also helps keep any other ships around you from targeting you since you are too close to the MOW and the other ships would hit it, so they don't target you unless you are far enough away from it that they wont also hit the MOW.
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