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    Question about season pass

    Did the season pass included all DLC side missions like Mystery Island mission and Captain Drake mission? Cause I already own the season pass and can't find any of these missions on my map.

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    No, Mystery Island and other ULC content is not part of the regular season pass.
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    Thanks for the answer XD, but so what is the illustrious pirates pack anyway?
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    According to some people, it's the Mystery Island/Sacrificed Secrets and the other island (name escapes me at the moment) but according to one of the Community Managers here, it's not out yet and it's contents were not mentioned.

    But the image of the "Illustrious Pirates" pack shows the contents of the previously mentioned islands, so I'm not too sure, except what the Community Manager said.
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    i know that illustrious pirates pack is the pre older dlc but not been release yet i been waiting for that for a long time now i got the season pass thats the only reason i got it
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