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    Duel of Champions Team League Announcement Thread!

    Duel of Champions Team League Season 1

    Team League Million Gold Draft Tournament

    Huge Thanks to Enclase at MMDoC King for all his help and support.
    Join us in the IRC chat at this link to discuss DoC and the Tournament in real time!
    Check out and like our Facebook Page and follow our Twitter when you have a chance!

    Hello Duelists! I come to you with some exciting news; I and several other community members are currently working on creating a Team League to showcase some of the best competitive players in the Duel of Champions scene! We are currently working with Ubisoft and plan on having plenty of in game prizes, including seals, gold, and possibly more!

    So what are you waiting for? We would like YOU to participate! How can you participate? Keep reading and I’ll tell you how!

    Join the Team League by Invitation

    There are currently two ways to be invited to join the Team League, the first is to fill out a Team Application below. We will be inviting 2 or 3 teams based on these applications. Teams that are invited through the invitation system will skip the Draft Tournament completely and all members will be allowed to play on the team. After the Draft Teams are decided, invited teams will also be allowed to fill out their roster with undrafted players, up to the maximum 6 players on their roster.

    If you would like to participate, and you have a Team already established, fill out the following application and email it to tallarpggame [at] outlook [dot] com by January 15, 2014. Applications will be reviewed and the invited teams will be decided before January 18, 2014.

    Team Application - Teams that are interested in signing up as a team, please fill out the following application and send it to tallarpggame [at] outlook [dot] com.
    Your Name
    Team’s Name
    Time Zone
    Preferred Email
    Skype Address
    Players on the Team
    (Name, DoC Handle, Approximate ELO, and Skype Name)

    Skype contact is MANDATORY for this event. If you do not have one, they are free. Get one.

    The Million Gold Draft Tournament

    The other way to join the Team League is to join the Million Gold Draft Tournament for a chance to become either a Draft Captain or be drafted into a team! The Million Gold Draft Tournament will be open to any community member with an ELO at least 1000. The top 3-4 placing finishes (depending on how many teams are invited) will be given the opportunity to become Draft Captains and draft their team from the top players in the Draft Tournament!

    If you would like to participate in the Million Gold Draft Tournament, a thread will be creature before the end of the day in the 'Player Tournaments' section for sign ups and the rules of the Draft Tournament. Check that out, sign up, and get ready for some Team League fun! The Million Gold Draft Tournament will start on or around January 19, 2014, and will allow one week for each round of competition until the Draft Captains are decided!

    Draft Tournament Thread is LIVE, check it out for additional rules and registration information.


    Once the Draft Captains are decided, starting with the highest placed Captain, each Captain will alternate choosing players from the Top 32 finishers in the Draft Tournament. Additionally, if an invited Team has less than six members, they may participate in the later rounds of the draft to fill out their team if they wish!

    Each team will have a minimum of 4 players, and a maximum of 6 eligible players.

    Season One League Play

    Each team will play every other team during League Round Robin play.

    Each play week will begin on the Sunday of the week, and at least the first four games must be completed by Friday at midnight. Ace matches may be played on the Saturday of the play week. In all events, replays must be submitted by all players by Saturday Evening CET, or Saturday Afternoon EST.

    The only exception to this rule is Ace matches that may be played live.

    The week before a scheduled play week, each Team Captain will submit to the admins the list of four players (and 2 alternatives) that will be playing against the opponents. No player may choose a hero of the same faction as any other player on their team.

    Team All-Stars submits:
    1) John - Dham (Inferno)
    2) Chris - Akane (Academy)
    3) Joey - Cass (Haven)
    4) Tony - Ishuma (Sanc)
    X) Tom - Adar (Necro)
    X) Pat - Crag (Stronghold)

    Players 1-4 will match up against their opponent’s players 1-4 for that play week. Each match will be a best of 3, and the winner will score one point for their team’s total. After this is submitted by the Team Captains, each player individually must submit their desired deck list to the admin in charge of their game by Friday at Midnight, EST, before the play week.

    (Thus, Team lineups are due Saturday Night, seven days before the play week begins. Individual deck lists are due approximately 24 hours before the play week begins.)

    Ace Matches

    If, after the first four games are played, the score is tied 2-2, the teams will have an Ace match. Both teams will contact the admin in charge of their match and secretly submit their choice for their Ace player. The Ace player can be any player on the team’s roster, even if that player has, or has not played already. The Ace Player may only use the decklist that they have already submitted. The winner of the best of three ace match will decide the winner.

    Faction (or Hero) Lock

    An idea has been floated around among discussions about how to increase hero diversity in the team league. Those discussions have produced two possible solutions. The Team League will either have a Faction Lock or a Hero Lock. What this means is that when a team submits their roster for the week, no player may share either the same Faction or the same Hero. Currently we have not decided whether the Faction or Hero lock will be in effect, but it will only be one of them, not both. Weigh in on which you believe will promote the best games and the most diversity of heroes! We really would like to know how the community feels about this idea!

    League Standings

    League standings will be determined by the team with the best record. Tiebreakers will be decided by 1) game record, 2) head-to-head results. If there is still a tie after comparing the teams head to head results (for instance if multiple teams are tied), the teams involved will have a Best of 1 Ace Match playoff between the teams tied to determine standings.

    Deck Lists

    Decklists will be a minimum of 59 cards and a maximum of 90 cards, including hero and 8 events. Side Decks may contain exactly 15 cards, no more than 4 may be event cards.

    Want to Help Behind the Scenes?

    We are looking for help behind the scenes as well. If you would like to assist, please tell us and we'd love to get you working with us.


    We won’t be able to run this event alone. In that manner, we are looking for players who would like to assist in administrating this event. Your role will be fluid, but generally you will be the contact for the league with the various teams, and helping facilitate the league events. If you are interested in this position send an email to tallarpggame [at] outlook [dot] com with your name, Skype address, Time Zone, and a short explanation on why you think you’d be an asset to the league.

    We anticipate needing 1-3 people to act as Administrators. Administrators MAY compete in the Draft Tournament, but if they are Drafted or become a Draft Captain, they must resign their role for the purposes of League play.


    We intend to have a weekly event to showcase the best games, and we would love for streamers to join us in the celebration. Contact me at tallarpggame [at] outlook [dot] com for more information if you’re interested in commentating on the many great matches we will be providing. Steamers MAY compete in both the Draft Tournament and the League play. If a streamer is playing, they will be shielded from any information that is not public in order to prevent any unfair advantage.

    Updated Timeline with Broadcasts

    • Dec. 9, 2013: Registration Opens
    • Jan 16, 2014: Hero Substitution Cut Off For Group Stages
    • Jan. 17, 2014: Registration Closes
    • Jan. 19, 2014: First Round Group (Round of 128) Stages Begins
    • Jan. 25, 2014: Round of 128 Ends
    • Jan. 25, 2014: First Team League Broadcast, 2PM EST, 8PM CET
    • Jan. 26, 2014: Round of 64 Group Stages Begins
    • Feb. 1, 2014: Round of 64 Ends
    • Feb. 1, 2014: Team League Broadcasts Round of 64 Group Play, 2PM EST, 8PM CET
    • Feb. 2, 2014: Round of 32 Begins
    • Feb. 8, 2014: Round of 32 Ends
    • Feb. 8, 2014: Team League Broadcasts Round of 32 Group Play, 2PM EST, 8PM CET
    • Feb. 9, 2014: Round of 16 and Quarter Finals Begins
    • Feb. 15, 2014: Round of 16 and Quarter Finals End
    • Feb. 15, 2014: Team League Broadcasts Single Elimination Bracket Play, Round of 16 and Quarter Finals, 2PM EST, 8PM CET
    • Feb. 16, 2014: Semi-Finals and Finals Begins
    • Feb. 22, 2014: Finals Ends.
    • Feb. 22, 2014: Team League Broadcasts Million Gold Draft Tournament Semi-Finals and Finals, 2PM EST, 8PM CET
    • Feb 23, 2014: Draft Captains Announced, Draft Begins.
    • Mar. 8, 2014: Team League Broadcast THE DRAFT, 2PM EST, 8PM CET
    • March 22, 2014: Week 1 of League Play Begins
    • March 29, 2014: Team League Broadcast: Week 1


    We know this is one of the most important parts of any tournament, what can you win!? Well, hopefully we won't disappoint.

    League Play

    Each week, every team will play and field up to five members of their team. In total, each team will win 1,250 seals for their team (distributed to the five players on the winning team) each week! With three winners per week, this means that each week we will award 3,750 seals.

    With 5 play weeks, that means the Team League Season 1 Regular Season will give away a total of 18,750 seals over the course of the five-week regular season.

    Season 1 Finals

    For the Season 1 Finals, we will take the top 4 regular season teams and put them in for one more brutal single elimination bout. The top four teams will be battling for a grand total of 14,400 seals worth of prizes, distributed evenly among the players on the team, as such:

    First Place Team: 9000 Seals (1500 per player)
    + 1 Custom Reward to be Revealed by the Devs at a Later Time (even I don't know what it is!!!)

    Second Place Team: 3000 Seals
    Third Place Team: 1500 Seals
    Fourth Place Team: 900 Seals

    Thus, the total prizes for the Team League will be:

    1 Million Gold
    33,150 Seals
    1 Custom Reward

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    Gogo Team Globale Zernichtung fighting ~
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    Do the freelancers (the players, who have no team) must apply somewhere to register for the draft tournament?
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    Originally Posted by Pjovejas Go to original post
    Do the freelancers (the players, who have no team) must apply somewhere to register for the draft tournament?
    Yes! Head over to the Draft Tournament thread and read the rules/sign up there! I want as many freelancers to get involved with the Draft Tournament because it will be the Leagues first event. The more people that participate, the more of a success it can be!!
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    @Kinetic_42: the link is broken.
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    Fixed! Thanks!
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    Originally Posted by Kinetic_42 Go to original post
    Skype contact is MANDATORY for this event. If you do not have one, they are free. Get one.
    Stopped reading there. Skype is #1 threat to any active esport player.

    GL with DDoS !
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    Originally Posted by john_vincent Go to original post
    Stopped reading there. Skype is #1 threat to any active esport player.

    GL with DDoS !
    If the games were done Live, sure, but we need a way to keep in contact with you. We aren't broadcasting games live, so won't have the same issues as DOTA or SC2, at least not currently. If we get big enough that DDoS is an issue, we will do things needed to make it so DDoSing is ineffective.

    Until then, Skype is that way right now. Unless you want it to be mandatory I have your personal phone number or something... If not, Skype is a requirement.
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    About faction lock, it's cool if you want a bit of diversity and of innovation, but please don't make hero lock cuz it would be just really boring ( only cass for haven, ishuma for sanctuary... ). Beside, it let some place to mind game during bo3-5 matches.
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    Originally Posted by Allinim Go to original post
    About faction lock, it's cool if you want a bit of diversity and of innovation, but please don't make hero lock cuz it would be just really boring ( only cass for haven, ishuma for sanctuary... ). Beside, it let some place to mind game during bo3-5 matches.
    Actually i think many people would try to break the metagame and find a way around the typical heroes that get played. If you really only expect the same heroes for the factions, it's pretty easy to counter them.
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