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    General List of Ideas and Bugs

    Took me a while, but I've played through the second official patch now. I've noticed damage was increased all around, including spell damage, and the Warrior Difficulty is actually being difficult for once, though mostly due to the lack of gold.

    The XP and leveling system was reworked. Leveling is much faster, though now you only get 2 skill points per level, you're still at a huge advantage compared to the previous build. Though if it wasn't for the extra stats I'd probably have some trouble in the second half of the alpha. Still, it made the final parts much easier, curb-stomping everything in Castle Portmeyron. I hope this is just a build for the alpha to allow more skill experimentation.


    Well, this list is very late and probably everything here was already listed, but here goes.

    - Ghosts will sometimes initiate combat and then never pass their turns, leaving the player stuck.

    - Sometimes enemies will stand still after being killed. (old bug)

    - Orlene's Flowers keeps being placed in the inventory after every transition, even after completing the quest. The quest seems to give no rewards at all. (old bug)

    - The party's arrow in the minimap has some trouble keeping up after the party being teleported if the player starts moving right away.(old bug)

    - All the item descriptions seems to be scrambled, with the wrong elemental property being listed, or wrong properties altogether (like Umbral Warding for a weapon that has bonus light damage).

    - During level up the pop-up screen explaining attributes are behind the attribute window, covering most of them.

    - Enemies seem to pause right after engaging in combat. I believe it is because of the new system where enemies first announce they're aware of the party with their body language, but enemies like Brigands and Militia seem to have no special animation, they just stand there for a few seconds and then take their action.


    - Day transition needs to be smoother. Allow it to happen gradually.

    - Portraits need to be animated.

    - Characters need a paper-doll to show off their equipment at a glance. It really shouldn't be any kind of resource sink, this is the kind of stuff digital artists do when they're learning the ropes.

    - Equipment should break through durability. This gives the player the chance to plan out instead of just forcing reloads (it is easier to reload a battle than walk all the way to town most of the time).

    - Movement still needs to be smoothed out more. If a movement key is being held, the game should take that input into consideration and use a different set of movement animation, one that's more seamless. That'll make travel much more enjoyable.

    - Equipment – Equipment needs more variety of stats. Basically, every weapon is just some variation of elemental damage and every other piece is some variation of minor elemental resistances. This is uninspiring. We need some extra effects like weapons that can partially surpass blocking(“Piercing”), or with bonus attack (“Guiding”), or that leeches a small amount of mana to its user (“Replenishing”), or that decreases its target's attack for a turn (“Blinding”), or that cumulatively decreases the target's evade (“Stunning”),etc... Something more than just a +X [element] damage. I know that Blue weapons usually have some effect proc, but I think the basic stats available for green weapons need more variety.

    - Increase the speed for enemy animations when they acknowledge the party and start combat. Sometimes you seem to stay stuck for too long. Allow the player to freely change direction and look around during combat. If the facing of the party has any bearing on battle mechanics (attacks from the side seem to hit characters on that side more often, but I might be wrong), just make it so the party's facing stays still mechanically during the enemy's turn, but the camera stay under the player's control. It is frustrating to keep staring at a wall after a brigand noticed the party down from a hall and starts shooting.

    - Make it so the animation of enemies occur more smoothly when they both move in the grid and change their facing. If they do both in one animation it should cut a lot from the grief of waiting enemy turns. The lighthouse boss seems to be capable of doing both at the same time.

    -Skills and Spells – Skill mastery needs some much needed appeal.Some are very good (extra blocks with off-hand occupying weapon skills), some are quite unnoticeable (+4 evade every skill mastery for Evade.) Some are too muddled (extra spell penetration for every spell mastery). Way too often a mastery seems just like a stepping stone instead of some awesome new capacity within the skill.
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