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    Question about an outfit in AC IV (spoilers)

    You unlock the Templar Armour for getting the 5 keys...does it ACTUALLY cause you to take less damage or is that just in the description to be there?
    I didnt see my health go up at all and dont notice less of a drain....
    I ask because I think its ugly and dont want to wear it if it doesnt help at all haha
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    If something is a single player third person game, AC is a perfect example, and there's a piece of awesome gear that is really ugly, and I don't need to use it, I don't. And the templar armor isn't even great. It does have a little bit of reduction though, although AC isn't really that hard so you don't need it.

    But if this was Destiny or Borderlands, or something, where an ugly piece of gear would give me an advantage over other people, I'd use it. So to answer your question: Yes. Will it make a big difference? Probably not. I think the Mayan armor would save you more damage anyways since bullets are annoying.
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    It reduces damage done to you only, it does not increase health. A berserk'd soldier will ignore everything though. Getting hit by a berserk'd soldier once regardless of health status will bring you down to critical state.
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