View Poll Results: Do you want the option to turn off the objective reminder text during main missions?

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    Objective reminder

    Black Flag is a beautiful game and the best moments in the game are during the main missions/memories, unfortunately these moments are ruined by the constant objective reminder that's on screen the entire time!... I prefer to play without any HUD items and the fact that there's no option to remove this ugly and frankly unnecessary bit of text, baffles me.

    There is a message on the main menu (news centre) stating - "Have you tried turning off the HUD? For an even greater challenge and more immersive , scenic experience, turn off all the HUD elements by"... Well it's not a very immersive, scenic experience with this on screen the whole time -

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    I agree 100%, was one of the most annoying things in the game for me (which means it was a pretty good game ). If I want a reminder of the objective all I need to do is pause and check the progress tracker. Even if this is not patched for AC4 I hope it's considered in the future !

    "No HUD" should mean no HUD
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    I started a thread about this exact issue over a week ago and for some reason it was moved to the 'Assassin's Creed Hints & Tips' sub forum,... hopefully that doesn't happen again.
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    Dude, the hud is freaking broken. I did that "turn all off" thing the other day, and then I decided I only wanted to play with the health bar, character icon, and puppeteer so it would be like classic AC, and I would only have some cool HUD stuff at the top. But it turns out if you don't have the radar on, the Y button on the puppeteer glitches the hell out whenever you look at anything half graphically intensive and button gets cut in half over and over. So I now have to play with radar again, and since I already have the radar on it looks weird not to have the weapon icon on and be symmetrical. So this is what I play with for now;

    Breath: off
    Crew meter: off
    SSI: off (I like that the enemies don't have the big red exclamation points over their head when countering, makes things a bit more fun and slightly more challenging because you have to pay attention. I get shot slightly more if there's a dude on a rooftop I didn't see, but most of the time I notice the camera zooming out, the enemies walking back slightly, and the human shield prompt in the puppeteer. Although I think the first two only happen if the guy is a sniper, so there's that.)
    Health: on
    Radar: on
    Puppeteer: on
    Tutorials: off (I still see thinks like "press A to break guard" every once in a while, like wtf."
    Updates: on
    Weapon indicator: on
    Character Icon: on
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    Came over to the forums to log this exact complaint, so I'm really glad to see this topic already started! I only began the game last night, but like every AC game, first thing I did was turn the HUD completely off. Yet the objective reminder remains, so I put the game back on the shelf because I found it so intrusive. Figured it had to be a glitch (I mean, we clearly don't need to be constantly reminded to save the merchant up until the point in which we do via this onscreen text, so I was sure it was an error) and that it would be better to wait for a patch and then pick the game back up again.

    I also had to laugh at the 'tip' on the main menu screen to turn the HUD off for a more immersive experience. Ubi seems to get that a lot of people play AC games that way, yet they don't do any quality assurance on the HUD to verify that it is, in fact, entirely off. After so many games, you'd figure they'd get it by now!
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    I posted about this in the original Assassins Creed forums back when it came out and nothing came of it. (AC1!)

    But once again its present in ACIV.

    PLEASE UBISOFT... Let us turn off the Objective HUD.. its ugly and unnecessary and ruins the immersion! ive been saying this for 6 games now... let us remove objectives!!!!
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    The text IS distractive man id like to see an option to disable it
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    TruGamer97's Avatar Member
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    Honestly, I never really noticed it myself.
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    For those that like to admire the scenery or go on screenshotting sprees of the game, the UI can be quite an eyesore. I've finally felt I've gotten good enough with the series to run without the UI to take screenshots with FRAPS only to find some elements just don't turn off. Disappointed me. Such a shame AC4 doesn't let you turn off everything, too, given the graphics of various areas like the waterfalls, storms, etc. Hopefully it can be patched since it appears to be just 1 element that won't turn off.
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